Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dance: Performing Art or Sport? I choose Performing Art

You are sitting at the Civic Center watching Swan Lake. You think, “Wow! Now I really know what performing art is!” or, you will think this, Wow! I should watch this more often! It’s like watching football!” What would you think?

Dance is a performing art, right? You better say yes! At dance, you win gold medals at competitions, not tournaments. You don’t have teams like the Giants or Packers; you dance by yourself or in groups. Also, you don’t really have a “home stage,” you perform at different stages like the Civic Center or Hoyt Sherman Place.

Solos, duets, trios, anything on stage, but no way, Jose you’re doing that in soccer! Variations like Blue Bird, Four Little Swans, or Kitri’s Entrance are performed while people in softball are pitching. Pitching, dancing, well, don’t you think it’s just a little different? Okay, a lot different.

Where do dancers practice, you asked? Well, they practice in a studio like SCBD or Charlee's Elite School of Dance. At soccer, you usually practice in a gym or in the field, but that’s so not happening in dance!

You are sitting at the Civic Center watching Swan Lake. Now, you think, “That’s what you call performing art!”

Pit Bulls

I don't get it! why do people think pit bulls are so cruel? I agree and disagree. I agree because some pit bulls can be mean, like if they were fighting dogs but most of those dogs can be trained to be nice and gentle. But most pit bulls are sweet and kind. Trust me, my best friend has 5 pit bulls. I go over there ALL the time! A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE EVIL!! THEY ARE NOT EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Thanks for reading!

Flagnog Pie

There was a pie, chocolate, pumpkin, pecan, NO!!!! It was flagnog pie. Somewhat like cow pie, but way, way worse. It smells a billion times worse than cow pie does. It once has has smelled so bad that the entire state had to flee the area. Ever since then the entire state has been deserted. How sad would that be. It does not come from cows, or pigs, it comes from nothing! I just made the whole thing up. HA! I can't belive you actually thought that flagnog pie exists. Nah you probably didn't but if you did, then what is wrong with you! If it was real then it would to have come from aliens or some other weird thing. So now cow pies still have the record for weirdest name, or smelliest kind of pie. HA! I did it again. Actually if you ask me I do not know if it has some kind of record. You know I am just so good at gettin you guys, it seems like I am awesomly beast at taht. Not reall but hey i'm a rookie, and still good. Ok not that either but i was right about the whole awesomely beast part you know that right good, cause if you don't then you should.

Hot Coco

After three hours out side you go in, turn on the hot pot. Grab a flowered mug and spoon grab your hot coco and your ready to enjoy. When you start to drink you turn into a volcano. Smoke comes out of your ears, and you are in flames. Then you wait a bit, you take a sip and its not as hot. You taste the creamy chocolate on your tongue. The marshmellows melt in your mouth. The heat thaws out your body as you finish your hot coco. Thats what I like about the winter.

By Ben D

Beanstalk and the Jack

See full size image

Hi. My name is beanstalk, you might remember me from the foolish
children's tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" and honestly, none of that junk the little kid Jack told the press was true, and I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing those dumb climbers tell me about the UNTRUE story Jack told them. But don't worry that is what I'm here for... to tell you the real story.

The Real Story

So one day, me and my little seed buddies were just hanging out, laughing at the bruised apples. When right then and there some freak came and scooped and handful of me and my friends up and would not let us down. At this point, I was screaming my head off, "HEY! LET ME OUT OF HERE! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!" But my mysterious kidnapper would not let us down. Then we were sliding " WOAH!".
When I finally realized that we were in a sack, I was MAD.
"Hey guys can you believe this freak?!"
I waited, but no response came.
Still no response.
Could it be possible? No. It couldn't be. Were my best friends, gulp, DEAD? That's when I fell asleep.

When I woke up, It took me two hours to realize that I was in the ground. One morning two weeks later, I awoke in sunlight. I was now two inches above the ground! Before I knew it, I was 36 feet tall! WOW! And then one day this Jack kid comes up to me and starts climbing... "OWW!"
He tried climbing up and got scared halfway and then slid back to the ground, what a baby, I thought, and the next day It's all over the media.
"little boy climbs beanstalk to find giants at the top"
"Local Child Is Greeted by GIANTS at Top of Beanstalk"

But as I said, none of it is true. But I guess thats what you get for being mean to bruised apples!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Hockey is Better Than Soccer

Your favorite player comes out onto the ice. The pass is completed to him. He does a spin move. He sprays your face with ice and excitement. Twenty seconds left in the period. In this story, you will see why I think hockey is way better than soccer. I can prove this in a few different ways.

To play hockey, you have to be very physically fit. You have to be able to withstand the punishing checks and the hard contacts. The crowd goes wild when the home team hits someone hard. Even the fighting can get the crowd riled up. So remember any contact in hockey counts. In soccer, there is no physical contact. It requires only shin guards to protect your legs from any misdirected kicks.

You need to be very skilled to play the game of hockey. Hockey players need to be skilled on skates and ice. The stick handling is like an art if a player is good at it. It?s almost like watching a ballet. It is something that you need to know how to do before you can play. You need to be aware of everything around you because so no one can hit you or get open and score. In soccer, you just need to be able to kick and run.

The game of hockey is action packed and exiting. It is the fastest team sport in the world. You can?t take your eyes off the game. It requires intense concentration like chess. The excitement is like opening presents on Christmas morning. Some times the players and the puck move very fast. Players can reach 50 mph while the puck can reach speeds of 120 mph. Don?t take your eyes off the game! If slower paced is your thing, then soccer is your game.

Hockey is a sport that makes your adrenalin pump like crazy! You have to be physically like a weight lifter, artistic like a ballerina and fast like a sprinter. Hockey is an awesome sport to watch and play.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Say No To Fast Food

A juicy delicious burger appears on the TV screen, making your mouth water. You look at your watch. YOU'RE LATE! You rush out of the house, forgetting to eat. At a stoplight you see a fast food place. The picture on the TV rushes back to your mind, and you turn off the road to the place. Why would you do that? Because it's quick? Fast food isn't worth it and isn't good.

Have you ever bitten into that juicy burger from your favorite fast food place? As you know that's a BIG mistake. Fast food is unhealthy and fattening. Meals from fast food places usually have 1000 calories! Also don't get thinking I'll just have a salad. Salads from McDonald's range from 150 to 450 calories. That's a lot. Most salads have light green lettuce, which though it might taste good, is not very healthy. Dark green lettuce is much more healthy.

Fast food is extremely messy too. It's usually fried, greasy, or crammed with so much food it's over flowing. Once I was eating at a fast food place, picked up my napkin, set it down on my food for 5 seconds and picked it up soaked with grease. I've also seen my brother get in trouble for spilling his Big Mac in the car, lettuce and sauce spilling all over.

Have you seen the Wendy's commercial? The song is very catchy, but the big question is, is it true? Is fast food usually fresh? No, sadly not. Just because they say it is doesn't mean it's true. If fast food was fresh wouldn't it take longer than a couple of minutes to cook?

Next time you eat at a fast food place think about what's going into your body. So what do you think about fast food now? Is that juicy burger worth it?

Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Witch would you rather dogs or cats?
Well when I say dogs are better than cats I mean it, for one dogs are way more active than cats are, because cats just sit around, and they don't play fetch or anything with you it would be boring.

Another reason is that dogs are way more fun to take on walks, how would you like to just stand around cleaning out a litter box when you can be outside running around and having fun with a dog!

Also, when you are crying or not feeling well does a cat come up and kiss you all over and make you laugh like a dog does, or does a cat just sit there to let you feel bad or cry?

Last but definitely not least, cats don't like to bath as much as dogs do. Would you rather have a dirty cat or have a nice, fresh, and clean dog?

Now do you believe me when I say dog are better that cats?

Caitlin M.

Health Class

Imagine a world where two out of three Americans are over fat. Imagine a world where 23.5% of Americans smoke. How about you just look outside. You’re there in this world. Health class can help.

First off, Health class is preparing kids for the future, before it’s too late. Do you know how hard it is to break a bad habit? Whether it is in “being a bad sport”, or a drug habit, change is difficult for many. Some kids might have a food obsession. Health Class gives you tips on the health related bad habits and tells you how to avoid them, so you don’t start unhealthy choices. Did you know that America is the fattest country in the world? 66% of the adult population is overweight! Kids need to learn now before they slowly slip away into that group. I know many of you are probably thinking, “Ugh! Health is boring!” Well maybe it is, but the healthy lifestyles it will teach you, is very important.

Health class also helps you do better in your other classes as well. Kids learn about the six nutrients and the food pyramid, and that if you combine them you’ll have more energy for the day. For example, if you combine carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, you’ll have energy throughout the day. The fiber will keep you full longer, so you don’t get distracted, and it will help you concentrate. The carbohydrates and protein will give you much more energy. If you eat Reece’s Puffs, with all that sugar, it will supply you quickly with energy and then the energy will leave you quickly. You will also not be full for a very long period, and you will be out of energy. Many nutritionists have proven this. Better concentration + more energy = better grades!

During Health class you also learn about drug abuse. Research shows that if kids learn about drugs now, there is a greater chance they won’t start using drugs in the future. America has been dropping the percentages of smokers a lot since 1965 (42.4% to 23.5%). Maybe health class has something to do with this success. Health class is preparing the way for kids to be drug free in the future.

As the smoking problem is going down, obesity for children is skyrocketing! Health class emphasizes the benefits of exercise and the fitness components. This will hopefully get more kids to exercise. Exercise is the best thing for them now. Did you know that the best way to prevent diabetes is exercising? Eating nutritiously is second. I did not know that.

In health class kids learn about social and mental health, which are the elements of health that most people ignore. Learning about these important elements prevent kids from having depression, getting involved with the wrong people, peer pressure, body image, and much more. Many students had no clue the importance of these elements until they take a health class. This information really helped kids who are very self-conscious.

Health class has an incredible impact on the kids that pay attention. It would be very difficult for me to tell you which part of health is the most important. All of them are extremely good for your life! You know what’s sad though is that 2 out of 3 of the students will walk away unchanged by health class. Do you see the connection? That is why health class is so criticle to us kids!

-Brett S.

The fight against homework

Ahhh, homework, the fabled "con" of school. It strikes every child that goes for an education. They should ban homework from the face of Iowa! Maybe my findings and reasoning's will change the mind of every teacher and senator.

Teachers, if you hear your kids talking behind your back on how much they hate you, don't give them homework its that simple. I've found that most of the teachers who give tons of homework get hated faster.

Homework is a waste of time. They say it helps you but I don't see how. If you understand the concept then what's the point of doing it again? Its just a waste of time and the teacher gets a bad reputation.

If you do not know the concept then you're doing what you don't know and that is hard if you ask me.

One thing that I thought of is simple and something everybody knows. ITS BORING!!!!!!!

Dying of old age isn't half as bad as dying from boredom. Most of the work that we do is plain math problems or writing papers or other things that you don't want to do.

So if you're a child that hates homework, find a few things I haven't thought of and join the war against homework!


Imagine Christmas morning. You wake up, run to the Christmas tree, and there are tons of presents with your name on them. Christmas is the best holiday in my opinion. When you imagine any other holiday like Easter or new years I don't think it is nearly as exiting as Christmas. Here are some reasons Christmas is the best holiday.

One reason why it is the best holiday is you spend so much time with your family. You spend the morning opening presents with your family. Sometimes you visit other relitives you have not seen in awhile.

Another reason for this being the best holiday is that you get lots of presents and you decorate for it. You decorate a big tree with lights and ornaments. You spend time opening all of your presents.you may also decorate the yard and house with lights.

The last reason is you get a big break of school. It is called winter break. You get more time of than any other break except summer break. It is 11 days.

It is better than any other holiday. You may get to play in the snow, and you get way more stuff than any other holiday. I think Christmas is the best and I hope I made you think so too.

Dalton W

Monday, December 7, 2009


Why is hunting fun? you get to use a gun and other interesting hunting supplies. just imagine walking threw the bright colored forest to hunt for an Elk, deer, and coyotes. here is a example on hunting. One day when my dad was a little boy he went out hunting with an old hunting gun so when he when out hunting he came back with a hole lot of pheasant, rabbit and a hole lot of other dead animals but had a mystery behind one when he shot the bird down he went over to look for the hole in the bird but he could not find it but then when he look at the head of the bird there it was a big hole it the temple of the bird. why do you need a knife for hunting? for after you kill your animal to ether to stuff it or skin it.

I like hunting because you get to sneak up on the to see what they look like. i sat in tree four hours when the first buck came and it was huge it had 18 points on its antlers. it had darkish color. it stood about 7 feet tall it was exciting to see such a wonderful animal.

one reason I like hunting is you get to keep the animal you shoot. Then when you go home you can stuff it up and use it as a statue for declaration. Another reason is you can skin it and us it for warmth and to show it off to your family and friends.

My last reason is that if you never shot a animal your crazy when I shot my first animal it fell like a rock. When you pull the trigger of the gun you hear a loud BOOM and you can feel excitement running threw your vanes. When I look at what happen to the animal I yelled "WOW that a big buck" but then I fell sorry for the pour animal cause I learned that that was the end of its life but if you think about it what if that was you on the ground dead and you were put up as a statue.

the only fun part about hunting is you get to kill as many animals as you but first you to go threw hunters safty class and you need a license for what ever animal you want to shoot. I think with out hunting the aniaml populationon aniamls are going to riase like a rock and I think alot of people are going to die and alot of people are going to die.
the end
by chaney l

Why Clorox Is The Best wipe!

These few paragraphs will be why Clorox is the best cleaning utensil on the market, and how it kills flu virus's fast.

Are Clorox wipes safe? The answer is YES! It's also bleach free. You can use it on any surface, and it won't damage it. Like bathroom surfaces, telephones,computers,electronics,child's room, and kitchen surfaces.

Its quick and easy, thanks to the container its in.

It kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds and flu virus's, and it doesn't get much better than that cause that 1 percent is air. That will keep your family nice and safe. YAY!

They are really durable thanks to there tough wipes.

It helps present the spread of H1N1.

There's different scents. So that every time you use it smells clean and fresh.YAY!

That is why you should buy clorox instead of those other brands. Unlike those other brands once you use it you know that your house will be clean, and your children are safe.


Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Which one is better is more spectacular dogs! or cats? Oh ya, remember dogs are sunny, and cats are cloudy.

Dogs can guard many things they are even used at police stations. dogs can even protect you that can harm you such as strangers, robbers and in threatening situations. Cat just curl up in the corner and hide.

Dogs are god pets because they are energetic, unlike cats, cats just sleep and are slothful. On the other hand dogs can play, fetch, tug-a-war and tackle and more. Guess What! You can play with cats and their boring tangled yarn. But remember you really can't train cats to well, but dogs can get trained way easier.

Now who is better sunny or cloudy. Obviously sunny!

Nalini B.

Why We Shouldn't Have Homework

We should never ever have homework. Homework is the worst idea man or woman could ever come up with. I mean who would ever send poor little kids home with a lot of homework it scares people.

One reason why we shouldn't have homework is because it takes up time. Some days we have a lot of homework or barely any at all. anyway some kids want to go and hang out with there friends.

Another reason is we have a lot of work already. I mean we ave seven hours of school because some people say we should and I disagree. Before school we have to get up really early.

Finally because it takes up some family time. Say you were planning on going out to eat but now you can't because you got to much homework.

Now that's why I think we shouldn't have homework!

Owen T

School Should Be Illegal

Oh my BBBBBLLLLLAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I get so bored in school it is insane how bored I get. Don't you get at school as well? If you answer is the same as mine, then stop that now by making school illegal!

If school is illegal then there would be no more homework, no more nothing!!!! You could even text on your phone all day and not get your phone taken away from you. How good would life be without boring old school, huh? You could do things at home like video games and sports outside with friends, and much much much more fun things than dumb homework.

They, as the people that work at the school make you spend 1,260 hours for 180 days a year or if you are unlucky it could more !!!! That is hours, not minutes or seconds, hours!! They make you spend that much time not only at school but the time that it takes you to do your homework at home, which could be like one or two more hours of your life doing something about school. It stinks people!!!!

A positive thing about not having school is that you can play educational games at home like Brain Age for your d.s., or games on your computer like Family Feud, or Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. See, there can be some educational things at home. Another bad thing for some people is you might not be as smart as you would be if you went to school. But hey you still might be a little bit smart.

You don't always have to spend time indoors on games and TV. So why not get outside and have some fun with family or with some of your friends. So pretty much without school you get to have a summer vacation for the rest of your life. How awesome would that be? A very weird thing is that you most likely would get tanner when you are outside. If you were in need of some money, then babysitters would be in need while parents are away at work. So you would be able to make a little more money than you might right now. One other good thing is that parents would not have to spend a lot of money for you to go to school. They sometimes have to pay one - two thousand dollars, and then when it comes to collage, that is 13 or more thousand dollars. Then cause of that your family will have more money for food, water, and medical stuff. Also more money for video games as well, YIPEE!!!!! Video games like Ps3's, Ps2's, Wii's and more!!

So there you have it my very own perspective on why school should be illegal. I know, i know some people may disagree with me. But others may also agree. But just remember this is my opinion, it does not have to be your opinion as well. There might also be people who fake not liking school, but I bet they like school. So people reading my essay, do you agree with me yes, or no?

Cole J.

No Sharing!!!

What if one day you open the door to your bedroom, which you share, and find stinky socks, rotten food, and garbage all over the place. Which could only mean one thing: your brother's home and you can even hear him snoring, LOUDLY!!!!
Having your own bedroom is better than sharing in many ways! You can decorate anyway you want! You get to pick out the paint, furniture, and then you add you own taste to it. Whether it's how you arrange your stuff, to what you put in it, YOU get to choose and you don't have to compromise about anything!
Another reason why you should get you own room is that you don't get your stuff mixed up with anyone. Also it is not hard to make sure that your room doesn't get messed up by anyone else. You don't have to worry about anyone using your bedroom so then you can't go in it.
Another benefit to having your own bedroom is that you can find all your things easier than before. Your stuff won't get stolen or wreaked. You can also organize your things anyway you want, even if it doesn't seem clean!
Overall, you should definitely have your own room because that will always be the one place where you get to decide who comes in or out and you get to make the rules and have your own space!!!

Rachel M.

The Beach Is A Great Place To Be!

The beach is a great place to be! Their are so many things! The tan sand as it squeezes between your toes,beaming sun on your skin and the breeze going threw your hair while you walk the shore. Then their is the beautiful sun coming up from behind the horizon.

You might have a chance to see a group of rainbow fish swim by. Something might catch your eye and that could be a dolphin or maybe even a shark! Then the small read crabs might pinch your feet. As the loud seagulls talk to you while looking for food!

After you get to hot you have a free pass to go into the cold salty water. And while your walking to the water the cold damp sand leaves your foot prints behind you. Then something pulls you up. The ocean had drifted you to the side.

Then the sky starts to dim. You look up and the amazing orange and yellow sun is going behind the horizon again. The beach is an amazing place to be! And their are a lot of cool things and I hope hope you experience that someday!

Shriver C

Hand Sanitizer is Awesome

Do you like hand sanitizer? Instead, get the awesome cool hand sanitizer.You don't even have to go to the bathroom to wash your hands.Also, it's easier to get germs off you. You don't even have to use paper towels.Use the the awesome and quick hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is the best way to get germs off you.Reason one. They have so many kinds of smells Like orange, aloe vera, and the very best green apple and the have more. It all smells like a amazing rainbow.

Reason two. It destroys all germs on your hands. When you squirt it gets those nasty and ugly germs off you.

Reason three.It never waste the water you use. you don't need the old school water. If you use water. Your water bill will be high like a mountain.

Reason four.Its more easy to access. You don't need to g to that dirty looking bathroom to wash your hands. All you need to do is press down the white nozzle. Then zup the hand sanitizer comes out.

Hand sanitizer is the best way to get germs off you. I suggest people use the awesome hand sanitizer. They should take it everywhere they go.


Laptops Are Way Better

Have you ever came home with a new computer and you really want to enjoy it? But it takes way to long to hook up all of these cords? When you get a laptop, all you have to do is push the "power" button and start surfing the web.

One reason why laptops are better than computers is that they are portable. They don't have all of these loose, annoying wires just hanging around. When you need to take it somewhere, all you have to bring is one simple charger if you need it. Also they are way lighter than computers. Which makes it harder to be with family or friends when you are on the computer.
You can get them in all different sizes and colors. Like some people may like their laptops bigger than other, because they make them really small now. So the you can get them for kids! And you could get a bigger one for work or something you would be using laptops a lot. You can also get them in different colors too! So if you wanted to express yourself a by buying a laptop in your favorite color!

Also, more people seem to buy them more. They are way more popular . There are also more commercials about them! Like Mac, Dell, HP laptops and more which those are some popular brands.

This is exactly why you should definitely do laptops and not computers. So go out there and buy yourself a brand new amazing laptop that you'll love!

Anna B

Why Fish Make The Worst Pets

You can play with cats, dogs, bunnies, and even rats, but can you play with a fish? no, didn't think so. Sure maybe they're the easiest pet to take care of, but their hardly entertaining. most if the time fish do nothing but swim.

Fish can be very expensive because of the equipment needed to keep them alive. Tanks can cost up to $ 20 to $500 or more. Rocks as well as other decorative scenery are a common items that people will purchase for their fish's home, that can become very pricey, and of course the fish itself, depending on the fish. For example, a tiny gold fish that you have won at the fair costs about $.05-$1.00 ,but on the other hand a fish from the pet store can cost you up to a thousand dollars, specifically the lion fish.

Why purchase a fish when they don't even live for at least two years? Disease can strike in a blink of an eye. Ick is one of the many diseases that fish can carry, and it spreads through a school of fish which can more that likely wipe them all out! Ick attacks the insides of the victim by eating away the flesh, then ends peating the exterior of the fish ewww. Hopefully this will now show yo why fish make the worst pets.

talia w.

Dance Class

Do you sit around all day doing nothing? Well get up and sign up for dance class. Dance can express your feelings in many ways. It's fantastic!

Most importantly around the world there are many types of dancing. Some of these include, hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, and even more! The best part is you get to pick, so you can have fun!

Also you get to meet new people and hang out with friends. This helps with shy people to crawl out of their shell. Also to build your confidence. Even if you know every single person in the class, that just gives you a chance to understand them better.

Finally dance can be hard, but fun at the same time. Occasionally, the steps can be confusing, but keep trying and you will start to understand it. Do your best, and so what if you mess up. Come up with your own steps, and follow the beat. That's the fun part!

Now you can get your dancing shoes on and go to dance class that you have already signed up for! It's fun!!

-Hannah Q

Playstation 3 vs. X-BOX 360 at

Which would you rather buy, PlayStation 3 or X-Box 360? I would go with the PlayStation 3. If you think you would want X-Box more, after you read this you wont!

First of all, PlayStation 3 has better graphics than X-Box 360. On sporting games it shows your player or players personal features really well. Like facial hair, clothes, and equipment. X-Box 360 graphics may look good but when you compare them to PlayStation 3’s graphics, they look poor.

To have Internet on X-box it costs money! It costs $60 a year to have Internet on X-Box 360,to me, that is a rip off when I could have a PlayStation 3 and have Internet for FREE. Plus, PlayStation 3 has a PlayStation store, which is a website that comes with your PlayStation 3. PlayStation store is where you can get game add-ons, demos, games, trailers, backgrounds, and movies.

PlayStation 3 has a built in Blu-Ray DVD player. This is another great thing about PlayStation 3 because you don’t have to go out and buy a $50 DVD player that only plays movies, you can get a PS3 that plays all of these great things. The Blu-Ray player on PS3, has amazing graphics and HI- Definition features, to be honest, I don't now if X-Box 360 has a DVD player, but I do know that it's not a Blu-Ray player.

X-Box 360 breaks easier! When you play games for to long, download to many things at the same time, or leave it on to long, it will freeze.When it freezes, the turn-on button turns red and then you can not turn it back on. So then you will have to go out and spend another couple hundred dollars to by a new one. When PlayStation 3 freezes, all you have to do is turn it back on and it's fine.

So I hope you will go with my opinion and when you are out shopping for a new, HI-Definition gaming system, you will look at the PlayStation 3's first.

Why Bocon is a Great Breakfast Food

Is bacon your favorite food? If not it should be because it tastes so darn good.

Bacon is a great breakfast food, because it gives that boost of energy during the day.
It also has protein which helps with the energy.

Another reason is the protein can be great for staying healthy. Another ting is that it only keeps you healthy if you don't eat it too often. It has a lot of sodium which can help with some combinations of salty and sweet.

The fat on it helps also. It helps beef up for sports like football. It also keeps you warm because it puts fat on your body.

Anyone who doesn't think bacon is great is totally crazy. As you can tell i have a very,very strong opinion about bacon. That there might intrigue you to like bacon, but if not I don't know what else to say. Anyway,thanks for reading my opinion about bacon.

Why Bicycling is better than Running or Jogging

Have you ever wanted to feel the wind blow in your face as you see pretty sights around you? You can do just that when you bicycle along public trails. There are different sights to see and it's really fun!

There are many different animals to see as you ride. Some include birds, baby deer, and chipmunks. Squirrells dwell there too. When you run you don't have time to focus on anything else. Usually there aren't any people on the trail.

There are beatiful sights to go and see. There are pretty forts and creeks along the Clive trails. If you do RAGBRAI you can see all of the sights across Iowa, but then again, your running.

You can get fresh air and exersize at the same time. The wind feels great when it blows in your face
where as bikes indoors are contained. You can use your legs and get your heart rate up but when you run it puts on more pressure.

Now do you see why its better to bicycle than jog? You can see nature and have a great time. That's why I love bicycling. See you at the trail!!!

If Cats Could Talk

Many cats need homes so get out there and help them. Do you what you want frostbite and no place to go in the harsh, cold winter? Well neither do the cats! If they could talk they would be begging for your help!

For one, there are way to many hungry, thirsty, and homeless cats wondering the streets. In other words " strays. " These strays fight to stay alive. They must face the challenges of crossing highways, and struggling for food and water. Most of these wondering felines where abandon by there owners. They are scared that they will find another nice home and be thrown to the streets again. So if you take in a cat from the outdoors you've help that cat both mentally and physically the cat may be shy at first so don't worry if the cat runs every time it sees you.

If you adopt, buy, take in a cat your going to need a few things first. Most cats are easy to take care of. All you need is to get two bowl one for food and the other for water and these bowls are going t need to be filled every day. Your cat is also going to need to a litter box which you are suppose to clean every day. A cay also needs attention and a few toys.

If you get a cat one of the first things you're going to need to do is declaw it just to be on the safe side so you don't get scrathed. Also if yu come home from work and feel down on the dumps, flop down on the couch then your cat will most likely curl up next to you and start to purr ,and they do this just to cheer you up!

Now do you see what I mean when I say you should own a cat? Save a cats life and be a hero for that cat! So please, save a stray cat!!

Alyssa L

iPods > Mp3 Players

When the word iPod comes up, what do you think? High-tech, tiny, amazing. This pulls me over. How about an mp3 player. Boring, just music, this song (again.) Not so much.

iPods come with games, and you can buy them. On trips you can play games and listen to music, at the same time! Another great thing about newer iPods is you can download applications which are games or things to do. My friends iPod taught her french and a healthy calorie count.

Movies. You think you can only watch them on a DVD player. WRONG! You can buy them on iTunes. YOu can also get any T.V. show or rent them. If your iPod has internet access, then you can go onto youtube and watch videos. On mp3 players, all you have is music.

Another great thing about iPods is that they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, just like us! That means we can get them to show our personality, just by looking at them. If you're feeling spunky, get a patterned case. If you're feeling down, a blue case works, for the blues of course.

iPods occupy time, let us watch T.V. anywhere, and we personlize them. In addition to all of this it plays music. Why do you think it has an i in it, because it was made just for us.

Mallory P.

Dogs are better!

Hi! I'm Steeli and i am going to tell you why dogs are better. What's that? dogs are better than what? cats. Yes cats, im talking to you. sorry but dogs are better than you. want to know why? ok. ill clue you in about it.
dogs are way better than cats and im going to tell you why. one, dogs are a LOT easier to train. if I'm wrong tell me because in 3rd grade, i did a experiment about trying to train a cat, and i wasnt successful. second when you i call my cat, she never came to me. but when i call my dog, she always comes. also, my dog is always up for a good scratch on the back. sometimes when i try to pet my cat he just hisses and growls.
Lastly, dogs are faithful and loyal. cats just dont care. If you feed them they are yours. Thats what the cat thinks, I think. I mean come on. Seriously, would you rather have a hissing, growling machine or a playful, athletic, loyal, trustworthy machine? Thanks for listening!

Why Rain is the Best Form of Precipitation

Ever since I was little, I have always loved rain. Have you ever sat out on your patio during a storm and watch the rain pour down? Making puddles and drenching everything below it. That is one of my favorite things to do. That is what this essay is about. RAIN!

When it rains, you can hear the pitter patter on your roof, or on your window pane. Most of the time that certain sound makes me feel safe and calm. Why? If you imagine standing in the rain getting drenched and being scared out of your mind of getting struck by lightning and are frightened by the sound of thunder, then you could imagine why being INSIDE makes me feel safe. The sound of thunder is a little scary to some people, so the soft sound of rain is a sweet sugar cookie in comparison to the booming roar of thunder.

I also like the feel of the rain on your skin, It's actually almost indescribable. I guess it depends on what kind of rain you are feeling. To me, rain feels like a warm outdoor shower, with clothes on..... Weird right! Cold rain feels like tiny shards of glass are landing on your skin, but not really stabbing you, then they gently, gracefully roll of of your skin.

After it rains, most of the time, you will see a pretty little rainbow, with all the colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. SO PRETTY! Have you ever tried to get to the end of the rainbow, in hope that there is a big pot o' gold at the end? Some people say that the rainbow just goes on and on forever and ever, it never stops. But nobody really knows. In the fall, when all the leafs fall off the trees, you can see that after a nice long rain, you can see the droplets of rain on the empty branches, gently rolling. And in the spring ( same scenario) you can see the droplets of water rolling of the leafs, swiftly flying through the air onto the ground or the next leaf. Some of the droplets get stuck in the spider webs. All of it is truly magnificent.

Not to be rude but... why would you even consider liking snow, ice or sleet? They all just stay on the ground, and honestly, I am absolutely positive we could live without snow, sleet, and ice... if you think about that snowstorm/ blizzard we just had, I think you will agree with me when I say that rain is WAY better! A lot of the countries near the equator don't even get rain at all. But every country gets rain at some point of the year! We need rain. Without it we would have no plants, trees, flowers, crops, NO PRODUCERS!!! We would all DIE!

So you see, rain is VERY important, useful, and definitely THE BEST form of precipitation, but if I can not convince you... then fine, go ahead and like some other form of precipitation, but when starts disliking you back, you can go ahead and water your plants, crops, tees ect. with snow, sleet, or ice! I can already tell you that it won't work out well!

I Need One!

How would you like not having a cellphone? I know I sure don't. In my eyes a cell phone is a must! Here is why I need my own phone.

The first reason I should get a cell phone is for communication with friends. With a cellphone I could call and text my friends. Then I wouldn't have to use the home phone, so it will be free more often. Also I wouldn't have t use my parent's cellphone to text or call my friends away from home.Communicating with friends is a big thing, don't you agree?

Communication with my parents is big to ! For example if I needed to do some research and I wanted to know if I could go to the library, I could call my mom or dad. Another example would be if some one was late to pick me up I could call or text whoever necessary . As you can see I could use a cellphone in a few situations so far. Let me show you some more.

Think what would happen if I didn't have a cellphone and I got lost at say the Iowa State Fair? Now I want you to think what would happen if I did have a cellphone and got lost at the Iowa State Fair. See the difference? Possibly if I had a cellphone I could have more freedom,like I could go off somewhere and my parents could check on me.Then I wouldn't have to walk back and forth or stay with my family all the time.

A cellphone could help me be more responsible. On way it could help me be more responsible is that I wouldn't want it to be taken away so my behavior and organization would improve. If my behavior didn't the privilege would be taken away. I would also need to be more organized so I wouldn't loose it.With all these ways cellphone could help me I think they all could also help me with my babysitting career. Look at all these ways a cellphone could help me.

I would like you to look at this essay and see all the ways a cellphone could benefit me.If you are in my shoes with no cellphone.I hope it will help you get one.

Analese H

Phones in a Kids Possesion=BAD

If kids didn't have phones think of all the ways the world would be better.

Stop the bullying! A lot of the time bully is done through a text; kids send rude and horrible things to people like forwards and texts.

It also leads to bad behavior all together. Kids'
cuss right behind their parents back. they also text in class which can lead to bad grades and detention.

My third reason is that kids can become more distant from their family. They do this by ignoring their family to talk and text their friends. It's also easier to lie , they lie about where they are and who there with through a text.

That is how kids can have a bully free child hood and a closer relationship with their family

Brandon K

The Dark Beginning

"Oh my gosh, the world is going to end on 12-12-12, or at least that's what most people are thinking. They think about all of these odd facts are adding up randomly that the world is going to end on 12-12-12. Like how that is when the Mayan's Calender ends that it's when the world ends. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE WORLD ENDING!!!!!!! O.K. so first off they probably got tired and just decided to end it. Besides why are they so smart all of the sudden? I mean if they were this smart they would have seen the Spaniards coming.(Alex's Joke). I don't believe the world will end here's my story....

Reason 1: Why would anyone want to end this world? Look how capable and far us humans can get. We do have a lot though and we need to get rid of it fast and easy, seeing as we don't want to do it ourselves. The world isn't in need of an ending, just a reset

Reason 2: The world and everything/everyone on it are becoming rotten and evil. We should either stop the junk like drugs ,rumors that screws your life or reset the world. Tell me, which seems easier? Now which one seems more realistic as to us doing it or not. I mean come on, stopping drugs is one of the hardest things to do! And not passing around toxic rumors that could burn someones eyes out of their head is another very hard thing, especially in these circumstances.

Reason 3: children are being born every other second for all we know. The Earth is filling up very quickly and our frequency of deaths won't let us hold. We need to get it cleared quick and easy.

Prologue: Those who most believe in God will be put back on earth when everything is over. Those who believe somewhat but not as much will be brought up to the safety of heaven. The overall most faithful will put on the full armor of God and fight of the Devil in his single day on the upper ground of Earth while the remaining are crushed during the fight and others watch in the safety of heaven.

I think 12-12-12 will be an un-ordinary date but it won't be the end, but THE DARK BEGINNING

Logan L.

Christmas Is Cool

I think Christmas is the best holiday. Christmas has ice cold snow, colorful decorations, and harmony's of Christmas carolers.

You can play in the snow. Snow just makes Christmas, Christmas. When it's cold, it makes you snuggle up into a blanket, and your heart fells warms. Also when you wake up, you can look out your window, and see the snowflakes gently fall to the ground. Finally who doesn't like playing in the snow.

Another reason is the decorations people put on there houses. the decorations on house express the Christmas spirit. Plus if your board you can drive around town, and look at the decorations people put on there houses. Then putting them up pus family's together. Next all the pretty colors make he world just slow down a little bit. Finally putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree is the most fun part.

The best reason is answering the door to Christmas carolers. When your really board Christmas carolers ring the door bell, and it lights up your face up. Then there's the fact that it takes hard work for them to do that, and it makes you feel good that they are doing that much work for you. Also when there is allot of people the harmony sounds very ice. Finally it gets the song stuck in your head so you have o be in the Christmas spirit.

Well with my story I hope you all have a very well Christmas "HO HO HO!"

Go, Pack, Go!

I'm watching the Green Bay Packers on the T.V. Aaron Rodgers is going to start the play, but first he surveys the field. Everyone is covered, but as he fakes the handoff to Ryan Grant, he makes the play come alive.

My first reason that the Green Bay Packers are the best team ever is that they're a legendary team with great players and coaches. Some examples of the players are Brett Favre, Sterling Sharpe, Bart Starr, and Paul Horning. Some coaches are Vince Lombardi, Curly Lambeau and Mike Holmgren. They have also had a bunch of Hall of Famers. They have had the 2nd. most Hall of Famers in the NFL with 21.

Secondly, the Packers have a cool celebration called the Lambeau Leap. LeRon Butler created it in 1993 after scoring on a 35 yard TD and it's still going strong. Players of the Packers enjoy themselves when they celebrate with this today.

Lastly, the Packers are a very unique team. The Green Bay Packers have the oldest field in the NFL. It was built in 1957. Green Bay is the smallest city to have an NFL team. Basically that's saying that the city of Green Bay owns the Green Bay Packers.

The cornerback bits on the fake handoff and leaves wide reciver Greg Jennings wide open. That's a big mistake. Aaron Rodgers missles a rocket to Jennings and he catches it like a precious egg. He sticks that precious egg out and it cross the goal line. TOUCHDOWN Packers!

The Best Time of Year

Have you ever been outside on a beautiful, snowy winter day with a fresh white blanket of snow on the ground? If you have then you know why I think the holidays are the best and most peaceful time of year.

The holidays are a great and peaceful time of year because you get to spend fantastic quality time with your beloved family. Every time you are at a Christmas gathering or just sitting in your house on a winter night doing something with your family, it is always a special time. When you have Christmas dinner and open gifts you talk and laugh with your family. In or around the holidays, there are usually no doubtful or sad times.

Next, you get to celebrate Christmas and open and share gifts with others. When you give a gift you see your family and friends smile. Also they are very appreciative of your gift for them. I love giving and getting gifts. It is always a fun time for me.

Last, but not least, you get to sit by the crackling fire with a cup of hot chocolate, the T.V. on and a warm blanket on you. During the holidays you have less stress and not a lot to worry about. Except for getting all your Christmas shopping done and dodging all the frantic holiday shoppers. That's just another unique and great thing about the holidays.

There are many wonderful reasons why the holidays are so peaceful and amazing and these are a few of them. I hope you holidays are as outstanding and peaceful as they are in this editorial. Happy Holidays!!!

Cole G.

The Great Zombie Essay

Okay, vampires, werewolves, and zombies are cool. Now who's the best? For me, it's zombies and let me say why.

First, they're everywhere! Comics, books, video games, and movies. You know, I read a comic where marvel superheroes were turning into zombies! Just imagine a cannibalistic spider-man(Shudder now, like seriously). For a better piece of literature about zombies, listen to this. I recently read a classic about love, and a strange plague that makes the dead rise. Now I'm not trying to give a book report, but hard evidence, and it's a dish best served cold. Take a look at video games, I mean it is a serious contribution to zombie mania. It started with the resident evil series. You're one person with a weapon, shooting flesh eating zombies. Simple? Hardly, it has a long plot, and shooting the zombies is harder because it's difficult to move and shoot. It's time for the base. The big kahona. the thing that made zombies known. It's movies that I'm talking about. Night of the Living Dead, the first zombie movie ever. Black & white, seemingly low-budget, but still a revolutionary movie. A chain of movies followed after that one. Most of them are about flesh eating zombies. One or two are comedy, like Shaun of the Dead. You know, with the right stuff, zombies can fit into any genre, even romance.

Are you still thinking that vampires or werewolves are cool? Get with civilization, man. Vampires are too emotional now. It's all about Edward, Edward marry me, and Edward take me away. What happened to their bloodsucking dignity? So now, vampires don't die in sunlight, but instead sparkle like undead superstars. You can't kill vampires with stakes anymore,no, you have to rip off their limbs and throw them in the fire. Can you believe they now have special abilities? I can read you're mind aaaaaooooooaahhhh(that was sound effects). Vampires are only supposed to be able to fly, be extra strong, and suck blood. Shouldn't vampires sleep during the day? let's turn our heads toward werewolves, the other white meat. A thing of the past, I think. The only thing keeping them in the competition is the New Moon movie. They turn into wolves during the day(riddle me that Batman), and turn into wolves when they get angry. Are they like the new Hulk, or is the sun the new full moon? Now it's in the genes!? What happened to the ravenous werewolves that once they got ahold of you they would rip you to shreds, and if you did survive you would become one. What happened to their dignity?

Zombies, unlike the other two moronic sellouts, are sticking to the rules. They come in hordes, eat flesh, and are a walking virus/plague. You can always count on zombies to give you a scare, with their undead, vicious, flesh eating selves. I mean seriously, you kill one, and five more replace it. Think about how they eat flesh(okay don't, because you'll have nightmares for weeks). That is overkill times ten!

Do you still believe vampires, or werewolves are sweet, even with my hard evidence? Open your eyes and ebrace the zombie generation!

Zack S

Uniforms and How Students Really Feel About Them!

Picture a school with everyone wearing the same thing. Same shirt, same pants, and same shoes. Would you like your school like that? I'm glad my school does'nt have to wear uniforms!
I think students should not have to wear school uniforms.

One of my reasons is you would not be able to show off your sense of style! Some kids have different styles. Some students wear sweat pants and sweat shirts everyday to school, while other students wear clothes that look like they are going to church! You can tell peoples attitude by how they dress.

Also wearing uniforms could get old and annoying! Every single day you might have to wear a blue shirt and white pants. It would get really annoying. I change my style everyday. Some days I wear a sweat shirt and jeans other days i might just wear sweats.

The last reason is uniforms cost a lot more money. A uniform plus regular clothes would cost a lot more money. Just wearing everyday clothes would save hundreds of dollars.

Think, you see a school with different people wearing different clothes! You see everybody's personality by how they dress, plus their parents are saving hundreds of dollars. That's how my school is.

nerf guns

Nerf guns are awesome because you can invite your friends over to have nerf gun wars. Another thing I like is the darts are made out of foam with suction cups on top.The suction cups are allow the foam darts to stick to smooth surfaces.Another bonus is that the darts are harmless.

you can call your friends over to practice shooting targets with your nerf guns. One thing I like about nerf guns is you can shoot each other in nerf gun wars and it won't hurt one little bit!

Playing with nerf guns is a healthy activity. I think it is because during neft wars your usually running around or exserciseing. At the same time you are getting tons and tons of fresh air. those are all of the reasons I like nerf guns so much.

Do you like nerf guns? Do you like running around? if you do then nerf guns is a grea choice for you.

Christmas is the Best Holiday

Presents under you decorated tree, blankets of snow outside, and the smell off fresh cookies in the oven; Christmas is the best holiday.

Christmas is more fun then other holidays because there are many things to do. Many people get to travel to a different state or maybe even a different country. If you do stay home in Iowa you can go outside in the winter fresh snow. Everyone seems to be in good spirits because Christmas is the holiday of giving and enjoying tie with your family.

Another reason Christmas is the best holiday is because of all the time you spend with your family. Most of the time your family will get together and get a Christmas tree, when they get home they will usually decorate with ornaments and lights. Making Christmas cookies is another tradition many families do. Also families sing Christmas carols around a piano or guitar.

Christmas also has the longest and most fun break! It usually has around two weeks off of school with a lot of snow. In the snow you can go sledding, snowboarding, tubing, and have snowball fights. When you come inside you can have some hot chocolate and just go play again. Since the break is so long you can stay up late and then sleep in.

I think Christmas is the best holiday filled with good times and the making of family memories. Now if you will excuse me I'm gonna go get some hot chocolate.

Addison A

Football Is The Best

Picture yourself running down the field; imagine dodging the defense, and then diving into the end zone for six. The announcer yells your name over the speaker as the crowd goes wild. There is only one sport that this can happen in. FOOTBALL!

Football is so much better than any sport i can think of. Its the best because it strengthens you mentally and physically. For example you get muscles from all the up downs and you get faster because of all of the laps you have to run.

Football also is one of the best discipline builders ever. It teaches you to listen for example when your in the huddle you have to listen to the play that is being called, also it teaches you to never give up even when you loose or you don't think you can go any longer. also, football is such a fun sport. I mean what other sport can you make friends, hit, jump, run, and block. for example I am on an all valley team and now I have a whole bunch of valley friends.

Just imagine how awesome it would be to be a football legend. I know that I would not be the man that I am today without football. It has made me stronger, faster, and smarter.

Antony M.

The Worst Part of School

I am sitting in class and beside me I see someone doing their homework when the are not supposed to. Have you ever seen that happen? Why does homework even exist, all it is is extra unreasonable work for us to do. Homework should be outlawed.

We should not have homework, kids just want to get it done and not do their best. When somebody gets homework and has something after school they will work on it and guess during instructional time. What is the point of doing this if they would just get no learning experience out of it.

Homework kills trees! Most homework is made out of paper. Why waste paper when you don't get anything in return. No child will learn anything so why waste the paper. If we kill all the trees we will die. If you don't believe it this is how it will happen. First the trees will be gone. Then animals will have to eat other plants which it will all run out.

Homework will never impact a student. Students usually don't do their homework in a good learning environment. For example I am doing this essay in front of the TV. If they are not doing it at home they will be doing it in instructional time usually. Everything teachers teach them will never make them learn.

Homework will never be an impact on teaching. You know how schools are trying to help the earth, maybe they should stop homework. Then schools would finally go green. Homework has no point. Why was homework invented?

Chandler T

Horseback riding is the Funnest way to Travel

Do you like to travel? We'll I do. You can travel in cars, buses, trains, and planes, but I think the funnest way to travel is on horseback.
First things first anything can happen. You could get bucked off, kicked, and maybe even thrown. Just remember always wear a helmet because I have been bucked off before and luckily I had a helmet on.
Get exercise! Every day you need at least 15 minutes of daylight to get your full vitamin D. So why don't you just spend it riding your horse and don't just waste fuel like in a car, bus, train or plane. In all those vehicles you are polluting the environment .
Horseback riding is also gives you a new best friend. Your horse is like a best friend
giving you a piggyback ride. In other words they care about you. A few ways that you can treat your buddy well is too brush them or give small treats like sugar cubes and stuff like that.
Traveling is fun as long as you be safe not waste fuel and have a good time.

Christmas Time is the Best Time

Imagine that it's Christmas time and there is a huge pile of presents sitting in front of you. Imagine the scent of fresh gingerbread cookies in the air. Think of the excitement you get when you get when you ear the wrapping off our presents. Or when you look out the window and see big blankets of snow covering the ground outside.

I think Christmas is the best holiday because it's a lot more fun than the other holidays you get and you big pile of presents, unlike almost every other holiday where all you do is have a big dinner with your family.

You also get to play in the snow. Plus, this is the only holiday that there is actually snow outside. There also is a chance that there is a snow day and you get to stay home from school. Also, when you come inside from paying in the snow, you get a big cup of piping hot chocolate.

Lastly, you get to get together with your relatives and have a good time together celebrating Christmas. Also you usually don't see your relatives any other time of the year.

Well, I have to go! It's my turn to open my presents!

Michael G.

Trucks Are Better Than Cars

Lets say your moving and don't have a moving van. Think of this scenario, your out in the middle of nowhere it muddy, raining, and your sinking really quick. Which would you want, a car or a truck?

Picture this, it's typical winter weather in Iowa,it's snowing hard and you have to get to work. Would you like to get stuck in the snow with your car? I didn't think so. A truck can plow right through the snow. This is another reason why I think trucks are better than cars.
A car cannot hold very much cargo. A truck on the other hand, has a large cargo bed for hauling things. An average cars trunk has 25 cubic feet of storage. The average trucks bed has 90 cubic feet of storage capacity. This is one reson I think trucks are better than cars.
Another benefit to having a truck is the enormous engine. If you like recreational activities, a truck would be the way to go. A car has such a small engine that if you had a camper or a boat, it wouldn't pull either of them.A truck of good size could pull them both!

Now I know people like their mini vans, but if you were in a crash you could get smashed. But in a truck, you have a pretty good chance your not going to get crushed. Of course if you were head on with a semi you would probably would get annihilated but that's beside the matter. In my mind it's much safer to travel in a truck.

My point is, that in my mind (and hopefully yours) there are many obvious reasons why owning a truck makes a lot more sense than owning a car.

Logan C.

School Uniforms

Who wants to be in a school where everywhere you look it's a sea of one color
outfits? One color shirts and everyone is wearing khakis. I know i don't, and neither
does my friend. She has to wear her school uniform to school, and she doesn't like it
Schools shouldn't make their students wear their school uniforms.

School uniforms can get pretty pricey. So why buy it from your school? Why buy
them if you don't like them? That seems like a waste of money!

There can be certain ways you have to wear your uniform, to. Like having your
shirt tucked in, having your pants longer than your fingertips. That's like wearing
long pants and all year long. Or you might have to wear khakis. If you don't
have a lot of those kinds of pants you will have the to wear the same pants two days
in a row! Then parents will have to do the laundry more.

Plus kids don't even like wearing them! Why would schools make their students
wear the uniform if they don't want to wear it? It just doesn't make sense to me.

I wish my friend could be in a school where everyone could be their own,
independent, individual, colorful self! But wouldn't you?

Jessica G

Heisman Voters Should be Voting on Skill Not School

The Heisman Trophy is intended to be awarded to the most outstanding collegiate football player. In recent years,it seems that voting is based upon school not skill. Some Division Two football players totally outplay 'Promise Man' Tim Tebow, and is bud 'Pretty Boy' Colt McCoy. The problem is that those two are always in the race. If you're wondering why that's a problem, it is because the Heisman is supposed to be voted on skill, not school.

Some of the trophy's voters don't even consider Division Two players. In he history of the Heisman there has never been a Division Two player in the race. I bet there have been some like Brett Favre at SMU who deserved the Heisman vote, but SMU is a Division Two school. He was never in the race for the Heisman, and look now he is a Hall of Fame Quarterback in the NFL.

The winners of the huge trophy are always part of a good team. In the past few years they have all been in the BCS National Championship. A friend told me the other day that the voters have been voting for the best player on the top team in America, not skill!

The winners always have an amazing team. The bad part is when they go to the NFL they don't have all good players compared to other teams. Well, what I'm trying to say is that the level of support they have from their teammates goes down when they enter the NFL.

It makes me sick how the voters of the Heisman or The Heisman Trust as they call themselves, only recognize Florida, Alabama, and Texas. Sometimes the players on these team are the right choices, but most of the time their not. The Heisman Trust may invite other players player who deserve it, but those players never win. An example of this is Ndamukong Suh, on College Football live they said he should win it, but won't. I saw a poll about it and only Florida, Alabama, and Texas voted for their own players, the rest voted right. It's about time the real voters do to!

Jason, A

Writer's Cramp

"Crunch, crack, not again!"
Don't you just hate pencils?
Breaking and cracking, they are just the worse. But when you have a mechanical pencil, you feel like you're in heaven.

"Mechanical pencil are way better than a regular pencil!"

One of the best things about a mechanical pencil is you don't have to sharpen it. With a regular pencil you have to get up every time to sharpen it, but with a mechanical pencil you just hit the button and it magically appears. It isn't a hassle so you won't be worn out. You won't get in trouble for getting out of your seat every 10-20 minutes. Also if you are a person that breaks your pencil a lot, this suits you much better.

Mechanical pencils have much thinner lead so your words aren't as thick. Your handwriting can improve due to the thin lead. Also a mechanical pencil usually has a gripper which makes your fingers have a smoother surface underneath. If there isn't a gripper, you can always buy one for a very cheap price. It also makes your fingers feel more comfortable other than feeling stiff wood.

Lastly, mechanical pencils are more fantastic. They are newer than a pencil and look more efficient too. They can come in all sorts of colors and sizes. You could have a blue one if it's your favorite color, or a pink one if you feel like pretty, preppy princess. There are many more different colors to choose from. Also more kids use it these days so i would get p and get one as soon as possible. You don't want to feel like your stuck in the stone age, do you?

"Ooooooh, cool, haaaaaaa!"
Those are the only things you will hear when you have a mechanical pencil. You'll never hear those dreadful noises of a PLAIN, BORING pencil.


Dogs are Better Than Cats

Do you like dogs? I know I do! For three main reasons and many more! Sledding wouldn't be the same without my dog Hawkeye! She runs down the hill with me and at the bottom I throw snow up in the air for her to play with! She does the same with my sister and never gets tired!

The first reason why I think dogs are better than cats is, dogs make wonderful pets! I have two dogs, a golden retriever named Hawkeye and a beagle named Tipper! Both my dogs are wonderful!and I enjoy having them!

The next reason I like dogs better than cats is dogs each have their own personality! Every dog has its own character. For example, my dog Tipper is lazy, old, and boring; she doesn't like to play very much. My other dog Hawkeye is excited, outgoing and active. Another dog might be confused and skinny. There are all sorts of personality's dog could have!

My third and final reason for liking dogs better than cats is dogs are smart and playful. dogs can play fetch and lots of other things. Wouldn't it be weired if they sold fetch toys for cats?

I cant imagine not ever going to the dog ark it is so fun! These are the reasons i like dogs and I hope some day you will have the privilege of a BF for life!

Rachel R.

Roller Coasters Are Fun Not Scary

Picture an amusement park. A friendly place with the smell of popcorn in the air and the sound of children laughing. Does that sound like a place to be scared at? I don't get why people are so scared of roller coasters. They are really fun and most of the time the people who are scared of them have either never been on them or the first one they ever went on was super intense.
There is no reason to be scared because they are inspected at least every year so they are safe. Also, it is all the same movements as if you were in a car or plane and the only difference is you are outside.
Not only are they not scary, they are fun. You can go on a roller coaster an unlimited number of times and they will still be fun, I can't think of a boring roller coaster! Mostly because I remember their climax. Some speed up, some go upside down , some do both and much more.
Also, every roller coaster has seats right next to each other so when you ride on a roller coaster you are sitting next to your friends having a good time.
What part in my essay scared you? I thought those all sounded like good things.

Sam P.

The Best Sport

Do you like football? If you don't, you should. The cool parts of football are skills, offense, and defense. The best part of football is the Superbowl!

Skill is a big part of football. If you don't have skill it could be tough. Some skill you could have is a good arm (throwing), speed (fast), hands (catching), or juke moves (faking people out). An example is Peyton Manning. He has an awesome arm. Another example is Adrian Peterson. He can break tackles and run fast.

Offense and Defense are the whole game. Positions on defense are defensive line, line backers, corner backs, and safeties. Two main penalties called on defense are pass interference and encroachment. The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring. Defense is my favorite.

Offense is the is other part of football. Offensive positions are running back, quarterback, wide receivers, offensive line, and kickers. Two penalties mostly called are offsides/false start and holding. The offense is trying to score on the defense. The point of the game is to score a touchdown(6 points) or kick a field goal(3 points) and score more than the other team.

The Superbowl is awesome! It is the best game of the year. It has the best two teams play to be the Superbowl Champions. The half-time show is cool. They have the best singers sing and people do tricks and stuff like that. Also the commercials are cool. They are really funny. Sometimes people only watch for the commercials.

Do you like football now? You should. All the cool people like it. To me it should be the best sport in the world. Football Rocks!

Alex S.

I Should get Another Guinea Pig

How would you like to be the only thing of your kind where you live and always are? That is how my guinea pig Charlotte feels. We need to get another guinea pig.

Don't you think Charlotte would get lonely all by herself? When we researched them we found out that you are supposed to have at least two. She can't understand anybody at our house right now. If we had another one she could understand it and communicate with it.

The cage we have is huge!! I'm sure Charlotte could share it. It would be very easy. We could just buy another igloo and put it in the cage and they would be happy. We also have LOTS of food bowls so they could each have their own food bowls.

Another reason is that it might be less shy than Charlotte. That means two things. First it means if it was less shy than Charlotte it could make Charlotte less shy! Second if it didn't make Charlotte less shy it could still be less shy and it would let us pet her and play with her.

I really think we should get another guinea pig. Please consider all of my reasons and if you tried it I know you would like it. Remember nobody wants to be by themselves all day.
Olivia G.