Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Beloved

Oh my beloved,
we may be apart,
but you'll always be in my heart.
He may keep us away,
but we'll be together someday.
Oh my beloved,
you are my light,
my day,
and my night.
My dear beloved.


I wait all day,
waitin' by hay,
waitin' to see my light,
waitin' to see my night.
The stars, the stars,
they give me dreams,
they let me see beyond the seems.
Oh, they give me dreams.
The moon, the moon,
lights my way,
it gets me away.
Oh, it lights my way.
As I wait by the hay as an old lady,
I'm fianlly taken,
I think I'm dreamin',
for I'm bein' taken,
to my night sky!

Favorite Colors

I love light colors My Favorite COLORS !!!!!!

Blog Reflection

I think the blog was a great idea because it gets us involved with technology. I don't blog at home but if we kept going i would keep going. if you need anything to improve on, each student gets their own blog, and they get to name it.

Greek Drama

Did you know that in Greek drama only men were allowed to perform on stage? Well I didn't think it was fair when I found that out! The men have to wear these masks so that when the people watch the performances they can see the actor's expression from all the way up at the top of the bleachers! They also wear masks to make the performance more funny if it were comedy or more dramatic if it were a tragedy. This is something really weird and different but they would start their plays in the morning and end the plays at night. If I were in the audiance I would be so tired! Guess what it's all one play! There are only two things the plays would be about, they are tragedy and comedy!

7th Grade

When I get to 7th grade I will be the ruler of the school... I still have a bunch of questions! Will I still have my same friends? Will the teachers still be nice or mean? I'm so worried about 7th grade how will my selective be? How will homework be? Oh I need to calm my nerves!

My favorite kind of ...EVERYTHING

My favorite kind of ... Everything!!!
  • ice cream sundaes
  • lots of songs such as
    1. Miley Cyrus
    2. Justin Beaver
    1. Sean Kingston (sometimes)
    I love lots of songs!!
I also love icecream

From The Feilds

At dusk until dawn they're just a myth, but when midnight comes they awake from their dens.
The fields are forbidden for a living soul. For which one enters will never return. There will be no funeral for there is not a body to be found, and no sound will be heard . The fields are forbidden to thee outside world, if you enter this field. Those who we fear you will not hear the sound of death. For which when something will rise. You will hope to close your eyes for you will not survive. . . This field.
15 year old Nate Starling and his twin brother Sam and their 4 year old sister, Jessy. Had a normal life in New York city. That is until their father had left them from a nasty divorce with their mother, and moved to the most deserted place in the United States of America. Right on the border of Nebraska and Iowa. Then almost 6 months later all three kids leave New York and spend the entire summer with their father on the border, but something that the kids didn't know is that Their fathers house is in the middle of a cornfield and the only way to get to it is to drive a mile on a dirt road to the house. Then strange things start to happen.
like whispers, and knocking on the front door but no one is there, but thats only the begining. The kids learn that these disturbances are a sign of warning, and someone wants them out, but over time they figure out that it is not someone, but something.

More Chuck Norris Jokes

#1 When Chuck Norris plays monopoly it affects the world economy

#2 Chuck Norris' pulse is measured on the richter scale

#3 Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird

#4 One of things Chuck Norris will not roundhouse kick is time; unless it tries to tell him what time it is.
#5 America isn't a democracy it's a Chucktatorship

#6 To eliminate obsolete pennies Chuck Norris stretches them into $5 bills since Lincoln is on them both anyway.
#7 If you work in an office with Chuck Norris don't ask him for his three hole punch.

#8 Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay's potato chip

#9 Dynamite was originally developed by Chuck Norris to cure his indigestion

#10 Chuck Norris can gargle peanut butter and blow bubbles with beef jerky


I stick my head through the metal bars
My eyes scan the trees,
The road,
The pastures,
And the sky,
But you still aren't there.
A girl comes up and
Says my name, Destiny,
She pets me,
But I don't notice
Because this girl,
Wasn't you.
The lights go off
And I decide to give up
For the day.
I eat and I dream
I dream about you
About how you came
Every day.
How you would brush me,
How you would laugh,
Last of all I dream of you riding me,
In the arena,
The show,
And the trails.
I wake up and remember
Maybe today
You will come.
I stick my head through the metal bars
My eyes scan the trees,
The road,
The pastures and the sky,
But still you aren't there.


  • Teaching us
  • Engaged in our learning
  • Active
  • Caring
  • Humerus
  • Engaging
  • Responsible
  • Sweet
  • Respectful
  • Open
  • Caring
  • Kind


Why do we have to read books in the first place? Most of them are boring. I don't who would like to read books. If you do, why? What's the point of them. All the are, are just pieces with words on them. Then slapped together with sheets of more paper or some hard stuff. If you are in love with nature and still love to read books then your messed up. Because in order to make books they have to cut down trees and guess what that does? Kills trees and that gives us less oxygen. Let put that in an easier way, books kill nature! get it, got it, good. So if you like nature stop reading book and stop this madness now! and save the planet by not cutting down any more trees. If not you may die if they keep cutting down trees. I'm not kidding you might die if people keep cutting down all the trees. So what do ya say, ya with me.


My mom had a beautiful palomino mare last year.
We found her dead in the pasture three months after we bought her.
She was only five years old.

Last week we found an even more beautiful mare.
She is also a palomino.
She also is pregnant.

One week later.
She had the baby.
It is half horse half donkey.
It is a Molly.
(Molly: a female baby mule)
Her ears are bigger than her head. (Jennie: a adult female mule)
She has a small brown body.
A delicate graceful head.
Her mane and tail are black.
The thin tall legs that support her body are brown with black tiger stripped legs.
And to top it all off she has a little nose as white as snow.
We named her Penny but she costed a lot more than a penny.

Baby Blizzard is her mom.
Her coat shines the color of golden flakes.
A creamy white mane falls to her shoulders.
A flowing tail is to the ground.
A white snip makes her face look smaller.
While under her mane on her face in white is the shape of a Continent.
It is Africa home to the zebras.
$1,500 dollars worth of training in her makes her a legend.
We call her Baby.

Then one night we get a call. Its Gabe.
"Hurry, Hurry!" he yelled." some one just left Chucks with a truck and trailer and Baby is Gone. You got to come to Winterset and help me look for your mare!

So we left west Des Moines that Sunday night to find our selves in the country in the middle of the night looking for Baby and Penny.
We almost hit 32 deer.
I counted them all.
My mom saddled Monty and off she went down the road.
Alex and I drove around town telling people about the missing mare and foal.

expect Penny to be with Baby if you find her. Penny will most Gabe called again." She wasn't stolen the trailer was Chuck's. She got out of the pen so most likely get eaten tonight.

So sadly and unwillingly we went home.
I got no sleep to worried.
For all I knew I could be sleeping peacefully while Penny was being attacked and torn to shreds.

They were both found the next day with nothing more than a scratch.


Up all night
Miles of fun!
More fun than anything
Running everywhere

Paper points

Wow this paper point is so hard. So much research and pictures. Cant believe that we doing a paper point. I enjoy it, but one thing it's so hard.
Even it's due on a Thursday. I haven't even started yet. I'm going to do a power point and printed out. Yes now my favorite teacher ( Mrs. Quam) said " It's do on a Friday.
Thank you Mrs.Quam, thank you.

How to make a ghillie suit

step 1. take camo pants and shirt and lay them out.

step 2. take the jute twin (Walmart , target ,or hard ware store) and cut them into stripes. (2ft min 3ft max and 2 1/2ft perfect)

step 3. take volly ball net and lay it out on pants and shirt and cut out net pants and the net shirt.

step 4. glue netting down on pants and shirt (use shoe goo) (Walmart).

step 5. tie twin to the net (takes a while) (make it thick).

Cost $30 min $50 max

Sun Shinning Threw

25 of the best sayings I've every heard
  1. Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain -Logan Lovell
  2. It is about whether you win or lose (other wise the game is pointless), but it's how you react to the results -Mr. Madden
  3. Size doesn't matter strength does -Brandon Kuhn
  4. The warrior doesn't come when wanted, but when is able to be put to the best use -Ikhala Birych
  5. There is nothing to fear but fear itself -FDR
  6. Everyone is interested in going to heaven but so far no one wants to die -Anonymous
  7. Never argue with a fool, people may not know the difference -Anonymous
  8. It is always better to understand a little than misunderstand a lot -Anonymous
  9. Time has been a great teacher but seems to kill all of it's pupils -anonymous
  10. When life hands you road blocks its your choice to step over it -Anonymous
  11. Cracks in sidewalks are only reminders that you are never to strong to fall apart -Anonymous
  12. Good advice costs nothing and is worth the price -Anonymous
  13. If there is something to earn you need something to lose or you don't get it -Anonymous
  14. Happiness doesn't mean life is perfect it just means you've decided to look past the imperfections -Anonymous
  15. Even when you face something as big as a bear, it only takes something as small as a knife to kill it -Anonymous
  16. War doesn't decide who is right or wrong, it decides who is left -Anonymous
  17. Chase the dream not the competition that comes with it -Anonymous
  18. Don't take life so seriously, nobody ever makes it out alive -Anonymous
  19. Money doesn't make happiness, but it makes the misery more comfortable -Anonymous
  20. Be kind to your enemies, THEY HATE IT -Anonymous
  21. If it's true that you sleep 3 years if you're 10 then why waste 7 years your alive doing nothing -Anonymous
  22. It's impossible for a man to change the direction of the wind, but it's possible for a man to change the direction of his sail -Anonymous
  23. Sometimes you have to have an enemy to know who your friends are -Anonymous
  24. What it meant to be will always find its way -Anonymous
  25. In a time of peace prepare for war -Anonymous


Time flies by so fast.
I don't know why.
Maybe I'm having fun,
or is it just me?
I hope it's normal.
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
When I'm bored,
The True Warriors
Who are the true heroes in today's society? The Jocks? The Populars? I didn't think so. The true warriors of today are the people who can think outside of the box. Not that small little thing they call "the field" or "the celly". They some how believe that they are the cool people but when it comes to facing fears the just scream and run or act tough to impress but are really in need a new pair of pants. They think that the people with few friends are losers or nerds but are really the people who will always have someone to rely on. Those Popular people have people who say they are their friends only to be safe but inside they hate them. I have 4 core friends who would stick with me any day, any time, but would know when to turn down an invite to trouble. Our personalities are a perfect mix to the point were we are unbeatable. Those boys who think that they are so "Gangsta" can call me whatever they want but when that day comes I'm going to be the one pulling their butts of the floor after they are knocked down. Some people may say that I am doing this to impress or look tough but I'm just pointing out the stuff that they are to blinded to see in the first place. I hope that this has opened up some peoples eyes to realize that they aren't the warriors, just the people who should rely on them. And just for the people who don't get it here's a little saying that I live by. Size doesn't matter strength does and strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.


I woke up
at 8:05 thinking I was late.
So I hopped out of bed,
combed my hair,
and brushed my teeth real fast.

I picked out a non-matching outfit,
I really was in dread.
I didn't want to be late,
Oh-No! Oh-Great!

My bowl of cereal fell on the floor.
No time to clean it up.
Then another thing fell,
my cup of ice cold OJ!

I looked outside ready to cry,
but it was so nice today.
I looked at the calender,
and noticed that today,
of course,
was Saturday.

from mountain top glory

From mountain top glory, to dark valley below we often feel where did god go.
The valley of darkness seems like defeat, but god desires to train our faint feet.
Walking in the valley takes practice and skill he's training you for good and not ill.
In beauty we seek him when you are alone. thought we don't feel him were close to his throne.
Go back to the basics his word is so true, there in the quite god will meat you.




U Know A Lot


Eager To Teach


Blog Reflection

I think the blog was fun posting stories and other writings.I would like to continue the blog but i think we need to get on more. Also we need to post more stuff because some people only have a couple things.


Jelly filled donuts

My sisters keeper book contract

I did a book contract on the book my sisters keeper. I researched and found out that there are different types of Leukemia. The kind that she had in my sisters keeper is acute promyelocytic leukemia. I learned that it is a rare type of cancer that affects you bone marrow and can spread. I did not know that there were different types of cancer before I read this book.



U Knew It Was Rachel

A+! as a Teacher

My Awesome Teacher

Scene from Sandlot

Squints-Pitch it in here(waving his bat around in the air)

Kenny-OK this is my heater. I dare you to hit it(going into his windup)

Kenny pitches it and Squints swings and misses

Ham-Haha that's strike one

Sqiunts swings and misses two more times

Ham- That's strike two and three

Squints- Shut up Ham(throwing his bat down)

Ham-Oh yeah, well you play ball like a girl(smiling)

Smalls, Yeah Yeah, Benny, Tommy, Timmy- What did he say

Squints-Okay we'll see. Pitch it again Kenny

Kenny- Okay it'll be faster this time(going into his windup again

Kenny pitches it and Squints hits a fly ball to left center

Smalls-I got it, I got it

The ball hits Smalls glove and falls to the ground

Kenny- Come on you're killing me Smalls



I recommend the book Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams, because it is a very good suspenseful mystery. Peter Abrahams did a great job of making the reader want to solve the mystery themselves!

Summer is almost here
Summer, I do not fear.
The sizzling sun,
After summer has begun,
We'll have tons of fun!!


I was at my friends house for a Christmas party and all the snow had melted, so it was really wet out side. We were playing basketball on their sport court. The ball rolled away into some trees, and I was on the sport court by myself. I got board so I decided to do a slam dunk without the ball. I slipped and fell once I grabbed the rim! I landed flat on my face and I started screaming! Blood was spewing out of my nose. My friends rushed over and saw me. They ran inside telling the adults that I was dead, because it looked like blood was coming out of my mouth. It was late so when I was all better we didn't go to the ER. Two weeks later, my nose wouldn't stop bleeding and I was vomiting blood! An ambulance took me to the hospital and we found out that I was about to die. They saved me, and told me an ardery was cut by a scab in my nose.

Blog Reflection!

Question: What did you think of the bog?
Answer: I liked it! It was an awesome way to get our writing out there for other people to read!
Question: Would you continue blogging? YES! If the whole class keeps checking, then we can keep up with what everyone has been up to! Please keep it open!
Question: Anything to improve/change?
Answer: It would be nice if we got on more often!

Be Strong

You may feel very stretched out,
so very long.
But, unless you want to fail,
you have to Be Strong.

It'll get better

It'll get better,
I promise you,
It'll get better,
in a day or two.

You may feel flt,
like a dead rat.
As sick as a dog,
or a lump on a log.

You may feel like your in pieces.
Like your in a shredder,
but I promise you,
It'll get better.


Blogging is a good way to share your writing. I think that sometimes it was hard to choose what to put onto the blog. I don't plan to blog over the summer. If we blog next year I don't think we should have to blog as often. I like reading other people's writing but sometimes it is hard to find, I think that if we were to continue this we should find a way to make the blog more organized.