Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was at my friends house for a Christmas party and all the snow had melted, so it was really wet out side. We were playing basketball on their sport court. The ball rolled away into some trees, and I was on the sport court by myself. I got board so I decided to do a slam dunk without the ball. I slipped and fell once I grabbed the rim! I landed flat on my face and I started screaming! Blood was spewing out of my nose. My friends rushed over and saw me. They ran inside telling the adults that I was dead, because it looked like blood was coming out of my mouth. It was late so when I was all better we didn't go to the ER. Two weeks later, my nose wouldn't stop bleeding and I was vomiting blood! An ambulance took me to the hospital and we found out that I was about to die. They saved me, and told me an ardery was cut by a scab in my nose.
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