Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Why do we have to read books in the first place? Most of them are boring. I don't who would like to read books. If you do, why? What's the point of them. All the are, are just pieces with words on them. Then slapped together with sheets of more paper or some hard stuff. If you are in love with nature and still love to read books then your messed up. Because in order to make books they have to cut down trees and guess what that does? Kills trees and that gives us less oxygen. Let put that in an easier way, books kill nature! get it, got it, good. So if you like nature stop reading book and stop this madness now! and save the planet by not cutting down any more trees. If not you may die if they keep cutting down trees. I'm not kidding you might die if people keep cutting down all the trees. So what do ya say, ya with me.
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