Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The True Warriors
Who are the true heroes in today's society? The Jocks? The Populars? I didn't think so. The true warriors of today are the people who can think outside of the box. Not that small little thing they call "the field" or "the celly". They some how believe that they are the cool people but when it comes to facing fears the just scream and run or act tough to impress but are really in need a new pair of pants. They think that the people with few friends are losers or nerds but are really the people who will always have someone to rely on. Those Popular people have people who say they are their friends only to be safe but inside they hate them. I have 4 core friends who would stick with me any day, any time, but would know when to turn down an invite to trouble. Our personalities are a perfect mix to the point were we are unbeatable. Those boys who think that they are so "Gangsta" can call me whatever they want but when that day comes I'm going to be the one pulling their butts of the floor after they are knocked down. Some people may say that I am doing this to impress or look tough but I'm just pointing out the stuff that they are to blinded to see in the first place. I hope that this has opened up some peoples eyes to realize that they aren't the warriors, just the people who should rely on them. And just for the people who don't get it here's a little saying that I live by. Size doesn't matter strength does and strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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