Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My mom had a beautiful palomino mare last year.
We found her dead in the pasture three months after we bought her.
She was only five years old.

Last week we found an even more beautiful mare.
She is also a palomino.
She also is pregnant.

One week later.
She had the baby.
It is half horse half donkey.
It is a Molly.
(Molly: a female baby mule)
Her ears are bigger than her head. (Jennie: a adult female mule)
She has a small brown body.
A delicate graceful head.
Her mane and tail are black.
The thin tall legs that support her body are brown with black tiger stripped legs.
And to top it all off she has a little nose as white as snow.
We named her Penny but she costed a lot more than a penny.

Baby Blizzard is her mom.
Her coat shines the color of golden flakes.
A creamy white mane falls to her shoulders.
A flowing tail is to the ground.
A white snip makes her face look smaller.
While under her mane on her face in white is the shape of a Continent.
It is Africa home to the zebras.
$1,500 dollars worth of training in her makes her a legend.
We call her Baby.

Then one night we get a call. Its Gabe.
"Hurry, Hurry!" he yelled." some one just left Chucks with a truck and trailer and Baby is Gone. You got to come to Winterset and help me look for your mare!

So we left west Des Moines that Sunday night to find our selves in the country in the middle of the night looking for Baby and Penny.
We almost hit 32 deer.
I counted them all.
My mom saddled Monty and off she went down the road.
Alex and I drove around town telling people about the missing mare and foal.

expect Penny to be with Baby if you find her. Penny will most Gabe called again." She wasn't stolen the trailer was Chuck's. She got out of the pen so most likely get eaten tonight.

So sadly and unwillingly we went home.
I got no sleep to worried.
For all I knew I could be sleeping peacefully while Penny was being attacked and torn to shreds.

They were both found the next day with nothing more than a scratch.

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