Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scene from Sandlot

Squints-Pitch it in here(waving his bat around in the air)

Kenny-OK this is my heater. I dare you to hit it(going into his windup)

Kenny pitches it and Squints swings and misses

Ham-Haha that's strike one

Sqiunts swings and misses two more times

Ham- That's strike two and three

Squints- Shut up Ham(throwing his bat down)

Ham-Oh yeah, well you play ball like a girl(smiling)

Smalls, Yeah Yeah, Benny, Tommy, Timmy- What did he say

Squints-Okay we'll see. Pitch it again Kenny

Kenny- Okay it'll be faster this time(going into his windup again

Kenny pitches it and Squints hits a fly ball to left center

Smalls-I got it, I got it

The ball hits Smalls glove and falls to the ground

Kenny- Come on you're killing me Smalls

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