Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From The Feilds

At dusk until dawn they're just a myth, but when midnight comes they awake from their dens.
The fields are forbidden for a living soul. For which one enters will never return. There will be no funeral for there is not a body to be found, and no sound will be heard . The fields are forbidden to thee outside world, if you enter this field. Those who we fear you will not hear the sound of death. For which when something will rise. You will hope to close your eyes for you will not survive. . . This field.
15 year old Nate Starling and his twin brother Sam and their 4 year old sister, Jessy. Had a normal life in New York city. That is until their father had left them from a nasty divorce with their mother, and moved to the most deserted place in the United States of America. Right on the border of Nebraska and Iowa. Then almost 6 months later all three kids leave New York and spend the entire summer with their father on the border, but something that the kids didn't know is that Their fathers house is in the middle of a cornfield and the only way to get to it is to drive a mile on a dirt road to the house. Then strange things start to happen.
like whispers, and knocking on the front door but no one is there, but thats only the begining. The kids learn that these disturbances are a sign of warning, and someone wants them out, but over time they figure out that it is not someone, but something.
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