Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Alabama

Sweet Alabama
Where the skies are blue
I miss you
Come back to me
Where the warm weather is
Come back to me where you should be
I miss you
Sweet Alabama

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health poem

Roses are red
violets are blue
The 5 components of heath is good for you.


Wind blows.
Wind blows through the treeless air.
I feel wind all around me.
I will like to see who made the wind.


What is the meaning
Of hanging from big tree vines
They look like monkeys.

15 things I want to do before I die

1. Go skydiving
2. Go cow tipping
3. Go to Rome,Italy
4. Drive a Bugatti Veyron at top speed
5. Go grizzly bear hunting
6. Go parasailing
7. Go fishing in the Amazon river
8. Try to climb Mt. Everest
9. Go bungee jumpingCheck Spelling
10. Go in a shark cage
11. Go moose hunting
12. Ride in a F16 fighter plane
13. Ride on worlds biggest,fastest, and tallest roller coaster three times
14. Go to the Australia Zoo
15. Go to Atlantis, Bahamas

My Backyard

Take a trip to my backyard we have tons of wild grass to explore! Your kids will be safe in our safety sandbox play house its big and it has many safari swings. You can watch deer eat our plants
and we have animal watch, animals walk by. so come on down to my Back Yard. We also have soccer week but reserve today because of snow we are closed but you can still see the grand opening!


Family should be your biggest value, stick up for them first, love them first, and feed them first. To me personally I think that everyone's biggest value should be their family. I may not get along with me brothers or sisters the best but that does not matter at all, what does matter is that I love and cherish my family. I personally think of my family first, if my baby brother falls I'm right there to catch him, if my sister gets a scab I'm right there to tell her not to worry about it. Last but not least if my sister was to get bullied at school I would be right there to tell her don't worry things will be better. That is why I love and cherish my family!

Who am I?

  • I am long.
  • I am scaly.
  • I lived over a thousand years ago.

Who am I?

answer dragon.

The World

I have one question that no one has answered. Will the world ever end? I mean no one knows. Some scientists say " Well of course!" Others say "Nonsense!" So, What is the answer? Will it or not?
Please comment!

Here and There

Over here,
the thunder cracks,
wind blows,
lighting strikes,

But over there,
the sun shines,
wind blows lightly,
birds flutter.

Over here,
ice hangs on trees,
the wind chills your bones,
snow falls to the ground,

But over there,
the temperature climbs high,
humidity hugs your skin,
the ground burns your feet.

Why Cant I?!?!

I don`t get it?!?! When ever I have a loose tooth people tell me at school to pull it out. Then when I try to I cant! Its like I lose all my confidence in myself when I am not at home with my dad. Then when I get home I just ask my dad to make it a lot more loose then I will just finish it! I feel like I only have confidence when I am with my dad. Because he is always like come on Shriver you can do this! Ha ha that might sound funny but he does! Then sometimes I cry but every sense this year I have not!!! I am SO proud of myself. But then sometimes my dad gets a hammer and a pencil... and then puts the pencil on my tooth and hits the hammer to it! OUCH!!! Not this time though. I didnt let him do that. It scares me way to much. So I just had him push my tooth back and for surprise I did not cry!! It still scares me though. Because knowing that something is getting pulled out of your mouth just is disturbing to me? In my opinion I hate blood it grosses me out!

My Favorite Superhero

My favorite superhero is Flash because he has the coolest outfit. I also think he is cool because he can run on water. Another thing is no one can catch him because he is so fast. My favorite thing about him is he can run around the world faster than anything else in the world. He also actually has powers, unlike some superheroes like Batman and a lot of others. It doesn't make sense how they can be superheroes without in any powers. Those are the reasons he is my favorite superheroes.

Memories In Midair

(Story Starter)

The girl stood at the end of the apartments hallway. She was dressed in a stained white dress, that hung right below her knees, she was barefoot as well. Her hair was dirty blood, and tangled, she looked as if she was transparent, because I could see right through her. The girl muttered something in small words, but then she looked up at me, instead of eyes. . . they were empty, cold sockets. The girl cocked her head as she said in a cracked voice.
" We've been waiting for you Sam " I closed my eyes shut, then opened them. . . . .she was gone, but her voice still echoed in my head. Was this a dream? or was it real?

My name is Dave.

I am the bad brother.
I am the middle brother.
I am the unlike brother.

The mom hates me.
But,dad loves me.
The mom calls me the bad boy.

I get hit by mom.
I get burned by the mom.
I never love the mom.

I will raise my head high and show that i am David Pelzer.


S tudy lots
C ause
H ow do you know that you wont get an F
O n a test that you had
O nly forever to work on during
L ots of study hall time!!!


Summer of 2008
My mom got a call from her dad.
"I just bought a palomino mare you might be interested in," was all he had to say.
My mom and I drove down to Winterset to she what she was like.
When we got there a tall, long legged mare stood in the middle of my grandpa's pasture
"I've seem that mare before," my mom said.
"Well that's why I thought you might want her," my grandfather said gazing at the mare.

We bought her and named her JD. My mom never got to ride her because it was winter, but my mom said that she had awesome bloodlines and was very well trained. In spring we went down to my grandpa's to ride JD. He stood in the drive way. When we got out of the car he looked at us.
"I'm sorry I couldn't get out there in time. JD is dead. She fell, got stuck in the mud and couldn't get up"

Der Wolf und Der Pinguin (The Wolf and the Penguin)

German Version:
Es war einmal, der Wolf und der Pinguin auf dem Land. Der Pinguin ruft,

Der Wolf ist der Frosch. Der Wolf/der Frosch is zornig. Der Wolf/der Frosch ruft,

Der Pinguin ist de Biber.

English Version:
Once upon a time, the wolf and the penguin were on the land. The penguin were on the land. The penguin said,


The wolf is a frog now. The wolf/frog is mad. The wolf/frog said,


The penguin is a beaver now.


ITBS wasn't hard for me. I've done this in three states, South Carolina, Tennessee, and of course Iowa. In South Carolina it's called PACT. Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test. In Tennessee it was T-CAP. Tennessee Challenge Achievement Program.So I am pretty used to this, except we had to take all main subjects!!(including Social Studies!)I hate doing the Social Studies it is sooo hard.

I hope I got good scores this years!:-)


When Winter's snow melts away

Jack Frost's ice comes out to play.
Grabbing you by the foot and leg,
It spreads through your body,
Like the plague.
There is no escaping evil ice
Until Spring's heat
Decides to be nice.

Snow Day

10 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Have School

  1. Social life is important too.
  2. Why do we study history when in the future, WE'RE history?!
  3. Homework hurts trees.
  4. When we sit in class, think about our don't want to get fat do you?
  5. We spend all these years studying when we don't really use all of the knowledge we have in the future.
  6. The bullies issue is getting better, but there are still some around.
  7. Teachers can spend their time freely if we didn't have school!!
  8. ...I guess school isn't so bad...
P.S. That wasn't 10, it was just 8.


Birds, I saw birds
is that a sign of spring
or is it just a silly little game?
Melting snow, I saw it
is spring on its way
or is it a big old lie?
Spring, is it just around the corner
or is it miles and miles away?
All i want is spring!

MLB preview part 1 American League

Here we are just a few months away from the start of a MLB season. Below are the my predictions of who will get 1st place in their division, and who will get the 1 wild card spot in their conference. I will predict their record also. This is based on a 162 game schedule.
First I'll start with the A.L (American League)
A.L East:
1.) New York Yankees 107-55
2.) Tampa Bay Rays 97-65
3.) Boston Red Socks 95-67
4.) Baltimore Orioles 80-82
5.) Toronto Blue Jays 62-100

A.L Central:
1.) Minnesota Twins 98-64
2.) Detroit Tigers 96-66 3.) Chicago White Socks 81-81
4.) Cleveland Indians 79-83
5.) Kansas City Royals 75-79

A.L West:
1.) Seattle Mariners 97-65
2.) Los Angles Angels 89-73
3.) Texas Rangers 85-77
4.) Oakland A's 79-83

I also think that the Tampa Bay Rays
get the Wild Card Spot.

Next I'll do the N.L in part 2.


My favorites Blue Raspberry.
I had one left
But my brother wanted it.
I thought to myself
there's much more in the world,
But hey its mine
And its the last one.
My kindness overpowered my hunger
So then I finally surrendered.
The joy on his face lasted with me forever.
I love Blue Airheads,
And my favorites Blue Raspberry.

The Crowd

A crowd of people,
Chanting my name,
I catch the ball,
To win the game.


The door creaks open but nothing is there. I walk in expecting anything the door slams shut behind me click and its locked. Since I'm stuck here I might as well look around, I thought. I started creaking up the stairs. I walk look into the next door and see a floating sword. I back away slowly knowing it's not a coincidence. A piercing scream comes from the kitchen, I go to check it out, "no," I yelled. Laying on the floor in front of me was a man with a knife in his head over top written in blood it said your next. I need to hide, I think. I hide under the table just as a floating knife enters the room.
How do I get out of here I think, I come out from under the table and start walking out. I start walking up the stairs as cautious as i could al of the sudden the floor breaks and i find myself hanging by a block of wood. The block breaks and I fall and am surprised to land on another floor. It is made of stone with stone walls surrounding it. I walk slowly and a knife flies towards my face i duck and realize this place is rigged. A gunshot, then i'm on the ground my leg bleeding. I rip off part of my shirt and tie it around my leg. I crawl forward avoiding everything for being so low on the ground.
I get to point in the hall that has gail sells on each side and slowly stand up. It looks like i'm in a really old prison i think. I look inside the sells and see many dead people hung on the wall. No I think, this is a torture camp.I keep limping pass and come to a very narrow hallway. I jump seeing people hung by the ceiling.I find a stairway and find myself back in inside the house. A club comes and hits me in the head and knocks me out.
I wake up strapped to the wall in the torture camp. The wall is very cold and pointy. "Why," I yell out. I struggle to get out of the bar but its locked tight.I hear a creaking sound and realize the one holding my arm is lose. I rip my arm out and try pulling on the other ones. My other arm comes lose. I start pulling on my legs and eventually rip it off. My other leg comes lose and I fall to the ground. I feel weird as if something is watching me.
"Good job," I hear. Who are you, were are you,"I ask. Nothing......... I walk up the stairs again and find another stairs, and another. Eventually i come to the top of the building. I look over the side and then i'm falling. I grab onto the side of the building holding on for dear life. I start climbing down and reach the bottom. I walk over to the gate and touch it I get flung backward in shock. Great its a electric fence i think. I walk around and find the generator powering the electric fence. A knife is flung from the top of the the building and i duck and it hits the generator. I touch the fence and its not electric anymore. I climb over the fence and run straight for home.I get home and run upstairs and jump in my bed and try to get to sleep.

Top 5 most clumsiest moments of Jason's life

1998- While walking through family office Jason tripped, and fell into a lamp. Which then fell on his head, and cracked his head open!

2006- While playing football in his backyard Jason ran into a tree branch and cut open his eyebrow.

2006-While running at recess Jason slipped and cut open his knee.

2009- While walking through the hallway Jason tripped and fell on someone.

Now the moment you all have been reading for....the number one most clusiest moments in Jason's life.

2008- While walking into a resturant Jason was counting how many Hondas were in the parkinglot and ran into handicap sign.

Scientific Methoed or The Perfect Eight

Number one,
we just begun
a problem with a question.
Number two,
Research woo!
Gathering information alright.
Number three,
an educated guess.
Number four,
procedure or ---
a plan of written steps.
Number six,
Observation kicks
watching and recording.
Number seven,
Interpret heaven
with graphs and lots of charts.
Number eight,
say if hypothesis was wrong or great.
The perfect eight! The perfect eight!

Super Bowl

The super bowl is full joy
many dreams come from
a little boy
could they come from Peyton or Drew

could even a poised veteran
have a dream so true
a dream of greatness
of excitement and fun

but if your not serious enough come game time

the dream could be done

For at night dreams are ok
but come game time
if you want to be a legend to stay
you better come ready
for game time today

tonight's the big night
pre-game jitters
are normal don't fright
the key to success
is to be calm
and not make a mess


I am sick of Winter!!!! It was fine for 2 weeks, but now its a pain. First off, it's way too cold to even go outside and enjoy the snow. You either get frostbite, or the snow is too hard or soft to do anything with it. Also, the snow is piled so high, that it wont melt until April, or something. That means that baseball won't start for a while longer! I am so mad! Another reason why I am hating the winter, is all of the snow days. We're going to June 4th, I think. We were only going to go until May 30th. I feel really bad for Des Moines schools. They started a couple of weeks after us, so they are going until June 17th! I also miss the Spring and Summer clothes. I am tired of wearing heavy coats, jeans, sweatshirts, hats, and still being freezing!!!!!!! I can't wait until Spring comes!

Early Morning

A warm orange and pink
sunshine awakes me with a wink
of joy. The bright glow is a
fuzzy comfortable blanket wrapped
around me, the sun lapped
it's hot tongue to lick me. Ah,
early morning.

Ode to Baseball

Baseball, baseball what
would I do without
you, you keep me entertained
all winter and summer long.

I wouldn't rather do
anything else, your so fun to
play, and you never get boring,
Baseball is all I want to do.

You keep me entertained, you
also keep me active and
give me exercise and keep
me healthy

Baseball I love you so much
I don't know what
I would do without you, life
would be boring and duller
than an unsharpened pencil,
Baseball I love you so much!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Many things
sparkle like
There's the
sun setting
on the deep
ocean blue.
There is
tears shed
for people
so unlike you.
There is my
favorite thing
that sparkles
the most.
Your big
blue eyes
that enchant.
You are


Wind, wind
Wind, wind
so wild
it blows
a model's
stiff hair
Wind, wind
the thing I
dream about at night
Wind, wind
I love you with
all my might


As the ice
strangles the life
from all things
you know winter
has com to fight.

The Toad

There was a toad,
on my front porch,
staying away from the rain outside.

The rain looking like
blankets in the fog.

I touched the toad,
it felt like fish fins, all wet and

The small toad
fighting for it's life
in the cold.
Counting the minutes
and the toad died.

I was sighing
on the way back in the

Inside the Barn

Inside the barn
the horse's hooves
quickly canter across
the arena.

Up ahead is a jump,
I slide forward out of the saddle,
I gently slide my hands up
the horse's wooly neck.
Thinking I will make the jump.

Before I knew it
my horse and I were back
on the ground.
Still cantering,
with the ruby red
poles for the jump,
behind us.


If only chewing gum could be aloud in school, but unfortunately our teachers are not at all cool. As a matter of fact I had some on Sunday and then chewed it until Monday, but once again with her big ugly grin Mrs. Dotson caught me, and smiled as you could see the gigantic holes in her teeth.
"Shoot not again!", she took off her shoe and. . . . .SMACK! right in the back of the head, and that gum came flying faster than a speeding car on the highway and with the best expression she walked over to the desk, took one good look at that gum and then. . . . . GULP!, SWALLOW,and from that day and on I learned that there is to be no gum aloud in school.

The Car Accident

It was the day before Easter, 2006, the worst day of my life.
"AW MAN!" called out Dad. We came running outside. There was a squirrel nest in the engine of Mitzi, our 2003 Mitsubishi Montero.
"We'll take her to Mema's And take the nest out before it catches fire. Then we'll go get candy." Buying candy and going to Mema's were the two things we never got to that day.
"Dad can I drive Mitzi out in the field at Mema's?" I asked.
"If we can get to it," he replied.

We drove down Hickman like we always do. Red light. We had stopped just before the interstate. Green light. Mo inched forward a little but stopped.
"I thought that guy was gonna go," she mumbled. Then she went. We got up to 35 and I heard a deathly scream. Needless to say that was all of us screaming. That's because the Blue Ford Explorer had just pulled in front of us blaring his horn.
All I thought was "I'm gonna die. This is the end...... Good-Bye."

Our lives didn't quite flash before our eyes. There wasn't time for it to. Next thing I know I'm stumbling away from Mitzi screaming, "WHY US!!!???" I turned to the driver of the Blue SUV. "You could have hit someone other than us you know!!!" Silence. His grandson turned around and puked all over. My shoulder dripped blood. When we had hit them they spun out of control. We however, went flying through the air.

Eventually they took us all to the Emergency Room and got us taken care of. My bleeding arm, dad's "ripped to shreds" knees, mom's eyes and nose, so on and so forth. We went to mom's room and she told me the most devastating news. since I didn't remember anything I was so mad, it was pretty amazing. She had told the cops that someone was about to hit him so he pulled out and we hit him so that he wasn't at fault. At least now I know where I got the quick thinking. We sat in silence before I broke it.



"I guess I didn't get to drive Mitzi at Mema's, did I. We didn't get candy either."

Like I said, the next day was Easter. I just sat on the couch and watched Safire and Stryker pick up candy as I went through the other stuff that I got like a crisp 10 dollar bill and a new pair of shorts with a blue collared T-shirt.

"Steele, you need to help them pick up candy!" said my mom.

"No," I said "I'll wait until they're done and pick up what they left behind. My arm hurts and I'm still mad at what happened yesterday. Just leave me alone. I don't care."

"Fine. Whatever. Suit yourself."

That was officially the worst day ever.


Watch out! You slip on black ice, and end up crumbling to the ground. Have you had a lot of ice lately, most car accidents happen around Winter time. My dad uses four Wheel drive. My whole yard is covered in ice! When yo are on ice you never know what will happen. I have bruises every where! My sister had a sledding accident and it was bad.

I Will Always Know To Shine Bright!

How I love to walk the beach
How much I love the beading light!

How much I hate to stick up and fight!
Ill always know to shine bright!


Search your way around
peace tranquility will change
do not rush through life.


Who is Brady? Well Brady is my dog he is cute, fluffy, and very lovable. We got him when I was just 7 years old now I'm 11 and he is now 5 years old. He is my mom's dog it was Christmas and me and my dad went out to get something for my mom and we looked through the newspaper for dogs, we found one he was a little black dog so we decided to buy him but when we got there, there was a little puppy I thought he was so cute so we got him when we got home all my siblings were running away from him they thought he was scary. But after they got used to him they realized he was not even scary at all. We still have him today his full name is Brady Broosky M. He has Brady cause of the New England Patriots, Brooksky cause of Teddy Broosky of the New England Patriots. He might get on our nerves sometimes with his barking, but we really do love him with all our hearts!

The zoo

It was the early morning
I could hear the lions roaring

I heard the nice sound of the river
I could also smell the lion's liver

I could see the sharks
I could also see the painting of Noah's Ark

I heard the cow moo
I also live by the zoo

4 Wheelers

Have you ever taken a ride on an ATV of a 4 wheeler? If your answer is no then were have you been all of these years, you have been missing out on all the fun. I'm not kidding you! They will be the best thing you have ever ridden in you entire life.
When I took my very first ride I was about 8 or 9 years old. In Oklahoma at my mom's parents house. They made me sit in the back and just ride while they drive. That was kind of fun. But then when I turned 10 I got to drive it for the first time. I had the best time ever on 4 wheeler. It was awesome! I really only get to ride during Thanks Giving time it's not that exciting. But at least I still get to ride it. 4 wheelers are still super duper fun, especially when you get to go really fast. Then you get the most fun out of it all.


I got contacts on 1/16/10.It was mt first time with contacts in my life.When I first got them in the eye doctor made me take them back out then put them back in to make sure that I could take them out and put them in.

I don't know why but it is harder to put them in than to take them out! Most people would think it is harder to take them out because you have to pinch the contact in your eyeball.

Sometimes I forget when I get in the shower or go to bed to take them out!! They take some getting used to, but other than that I LOVE CONTACTS!!

Snow Flakes

Silver snow flakes blur
In the evening,
Sparkling, fluttering free,
Dozens of dashing
Silver snow flakes blur


Strange as ribbons are
the confusion of the knot
blue yellow green bows.

Baggy Shorts

Hear ye amigo.

Grandparents are gazing at

Ye's ruby red baggy shorts.

They all think you look like


The elderly are offending you

Like a bat hitting you.

Hear ye amigo.


Chewing gum is an accident.
Then a river is like a wet noodle.
But, dirt is like peeling a fishes fin.

The End of the World!

I have one question that nobody has answered. Will the world ever end? Nobody knows. Some scientists say yes. Others say no. So what is the answer? I bet a lot of other people have the same question. Well, aren't you dying to know?! Well I am!!!
Please comment! :)

Little Mouse

A little mouse laid nibbling at her bed of leaves, brushing her leg against the edge of her new cage. Her eyes shimmered like a twinkling star. She calmly cuddled with her new bright yellow blanket.


Imagining can be many things
including daydreaming with beings.
Colors dancing in your mind
don't leave them falling behind.
You can be in or outdoors
even with wild boars.
You can imagine nature when you're really there,
feeling the wind rush though your hair.

Everybody has imagination burrowed deep within.
Some even have greatness for it but keep it hidden in bins.
These people might be ones you pass everyday
but only some realize their greatness throughout the day.
So give everyone a chances
no matter how hard it may seem
for everybody has the right to dream.
Imagining can be many things
including daydreaming with beings.

Inside the Barn

Inside the barn
a herd of horses with hooves
painted ruby red.
Racing and galloping from front
to back.
Gazing at the
thundering hooves...
but why wold these
gigantic, gentle, beasts
trust a traveler
like me.
Tapping noises come from Dusty's hooves
as he anxiously trots over to me.
The potato colored horse stares
at the mural of his father
as if he wishes
he would come back
to life.

Super Bowl Sunday

It is Super Bowl Sunday,
NFL's best of the best,
I wonder who wins.

Too bad!

Too bad it had to
happen to me.
Too bad I started crying
at a quarter to three.
Too bad they said
goodbye to you and me
Too bad i say.

First Kiss

I blush like a blossom
as time starts to stop.
Because your eyes
dazzle me away,
and make me feel
like I will always be safe.
As we both lean in
I pucker up my lips.
Then time starts to stop
when I get that first big kiss


I trusted
you with
my life
and heart.
I gave
up everything
just for
you to
throw it
away, again.
There is
one thing
I learned
from you,
as I
stare at
the remains.
Don't trust
people who
broke you
once before.

Words Wound

My flesh is wounded by your words of hatred .A scar which will never go away. Even if you try to heal it it will stay their everyday . All the times you say sorry you think it helps you think it helps the other person while your only helping yourself .Your words have hurt someone and hopefully, just hopefully you have learned not to scar someone ever again.

Tapping for annoyance

Tapping noises fight for
annoyance falling rain
drops hit the roof
you might as well
beat a drum for the
noises that just
won't go poof

Random Is......

Being Random
is being silly,
being silly is being funny
being funny is trying
to make people laugh,
making people laugh is just me!


People, people everywhere
always going somewhere
children, children in the streets
building muscle with daily meats.
Parents, parents always concerned.
wanting higher grades earned.
Farther, Farther down the street
colored skin means you get beat.
Cats and dogs running stray
black, yellow, white, orange and gray
Teens, Teens growing fast
parents wanting them to last
Fire, fire burning red
a small flame causes thousands dead
water, water puts it out
as policemen shove and shout
riots, riots always happen
as below the devils laughin'
lightning, lightning striking hard
soon the Lord throws a yellow card
everyone screams and yells
claiming it's not twenty twelve
the gods of earth, (the Lords decedents)
all combine their magic pendents
Soon Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Jesus
Christ start another pity fight.
As the thunder violently rumbles,
all of man kind starts to crumble

Birthday Morning

I wake up on Sunday
ready to take it on.
as I wake up my brother Ron.

He screams and flips out of his bed,
like a fish out of water
or a chicken without a head.

He gives me a angry look
and a little hiss.
He chucks a shoe at me
but he missed.

I say Don't hurt me. Mom will get mad
You will be hurt,
be in the doghouse and
You wont get that transformer you wanted real bad.

He nods his head
and heads for the bathroom.
Don't smell it up to bad
or I will be in my tomb!


War over Peace thundering guns

Fighting for a home that we can

call ours

beat the drums on the edge of the end

for when a new year come inspiration

shall splend


I sit here with
tear filled eyes.
You stand and
say "Good-bye"
That was long ago
but I can't let you go.
I see you in the street
but not once did
our eyes meet.
I shed one tear each.
One year later
you pound on the door.
You say you're sorry,
you'll never hurt
me, again.
But, I'm over
and done.
You sit there with
tear filled eyes.
I close the door
and finally say


Rain is glooming outside the window.
It makes me feel tired.I am slowly falling sort of energy.
Soon I will go to band and hear the instruments play. There will be bass drums and snare drums, clarinets, and flutes. there will be trumpets, that's me, trombones, and a tuba too. Lastly there will be baritones,the altos, and one tenor sax, and then the oboe that's sounds like the flute. This will wake me up. I hope.

I feel drowsy and lifeless like a sleepy sloth. After band class I will go to social studies. That is where I will take a test on the New Stone Age. I will color my picture and write someone a letter about the tools and some vocabulary words from the text.

I will feel drowsy through modern language. I won't get the German on my tongue. Then I'll go to lunch which isn't all that fun. I'll go to math, and almost fall asleep. Finally I will go to science then the day will be done. Soon I'll ride the bus home and not get to play.
All because of rain.

Anxious I Wait

Anxiously I wait to
see my fait of the
chance I have to
to take you on a date

winter haiku

the winter wind stings
as it slaps me across my
red face whale I walk

A Good Haiku

Small bug falls from leaf
Falling falling still falling
Hits ground, in heaven now

No Fear

I never thought of frightening things,
not now next to your amazing beauty
and sparkling eyes that are in for a
great surprise

Don't Let Your Feelings Haunt You

Don't Let Your Feelings Haut You
Hot and stiff it rots away ,but still comes to haunt you.
Up and over your scream goes far, far away.Your throat throbs like
theirs a wild fire burning. Up your throat it goes burning everything inside you.
Put up your young heart and let loose your stream of feelings that have been held
inside you. You will feel better now and the sky will turn blue in your life. You have been healed of all your worries and your story will ever be told because its true.

If I Had A Chance

If I had a chance,
to get $1,000.
If I had a chance,
to have a friend
If I had a chance,
to be a millionaire
If I had a chance,
to have family
If I had a chance,
to bath in glory
If I had a chance,
to love.
I would choose,
friends, family, and love.
Because everyone knows,
that friends, family, and love,
are the most important things that life can give you.

What the Flag Means to Me

When most people look at the flag, they see the fifty stars representing fifty states and the stripes as thirteen colonies. Some see the red of the flag to mean brave, white as justice, and blue as liberty. When I look at the flag, I see so much more. The red and the white stand for the flesh and blood of the men and women who have served our country. The color blue and the stars represent all of our states united by the pure blue sky. Our one dollar bill states “In God We Trust”, I also feel it relates to the flag. God will watch over our country and keep it safe. Finally, and most importantly, the stripes join our country together to make the great United States of America.

Love Forever

Your love seeps deep
into my heart.
A warm desire
I always love.
Melting like a pot of gold.
My love is eternal
for you to hold.

Live it out!

Life is life.
Even if you feel like you are going to cry.
Or even laugh.
Life is here to live.
Even if you just want to run away.
You always come back for
something more.
You just need to go over the good things and,
review the bad times.
Live life!

10 events in order- book contract

Twilight 10 events in order
1. Bella moves from Phoenix Arizona to Forks Washington.
2. Bella gets a new truck from Charlie.
3. Bella starts school. (at Forks High School)
4. Edward saves Bella from being smushed by Tyler's van.
5. Bella goes to La Push beach and Jacob tells her about the Cullens.
6. Bella finds out what the Cullens really are.
7. Edward introduces his family to Bella.
8. Bella watches Edward and his family play baseball, and then "bad" vampires come.
9. One of the "bad" vampires, James, wants Bella's blood and tracks her in Phoenix.
10. Bella meets him at her old ballet studio, thinking her mom was there, and Edward saves her.

Staying with it!

The first whistle blows
on a windy Saturday morn
tired and sweaty I have become
I want to quit
but I have to stick with it
My team needs me To
take over the court
and not o abort
I want to Quit
But I have to stick with it
the third whistle blows
Times almost up
I grab my water cup
and remember never to give up
Down by ten I need to stick with it
win, win I need it in my brain
then swish, the ball in the net
going down like a drain
I get confidence
then I know
I'm not going to quit
I'm going to stick with it!


The castle is big
Some evil guys attacked it
They took it over


Rain is like falling tears
It brings joy or tears
Hail is full of fear
To make you cowered in a corner near
Snow is like a blanket of fate
It mostly brings cold and hate

Secrets for You

A stack of trust
I give to you
About all the
Secrets I have
Longing for you


I remember the time, the very first time.
When we first traveled down that dusty old road.
It was bright outside and o so warm.We finally made it.
I opened the door and swung my feet out and hit that dusty green grass for the very first time.
I ran down that rocky hill and hit that sparkling blue water. For the very first time.

Deep Blues

My boyfriend broke up with me
and my dog ran away.
I sprained my ankle in P.E. class
and had to sit and stay.

My dad got kicked out of the house
and he took my sister with him.
My mom went crazy
and accidentally kicked me in the shin.

I went outside to get away
and fell on a nail.
I tried to do a Ollie
but totally failed.

I got a paper cut
and it got infected.
My whole life ran away
and I feel unprotected.

Paranormal Activity

Here are some ghost stories. These are Real!

Florida’s Haunted Hotel:

Anyone can stay at this hotel! It is haunted people say! One person who had stayed there said that his clothes were unpacked and it was not one of the employees. Some people have said that the objects in some of the rooms move, others say they hear weird bangs! Some people hear knocks and open the door and no one is there. Sometimes the doors open and close randomly. Is it haunted or are the owners just joking around you have to stay there and find out!

Harper House:

In 1977 in Enfield, England in an old manor home that Belonged to the Harper family. The Harper’s consisting of a Mother and four kids between the ages of 7-14. They heard knocking and scratching noises in their new home. They also saw objects rise and fly through the air mysteriously. They ended up having a priest bless the house but everything he did nothing worked to get the ghosts away. They even tried a medium. But nothing worked. Many investigators did tests, nothing showed up. It was the most investigated case in history involving paranormal activity. Mysteriously in 1978 it randomly stopped. People quit doing tests and left.

Walker House:

In 1942 in New York, Danton Walker bought a house that was used in the revolutionary war. People that lived there before him saw an old man in a war outfit. Also heard knocking and weird noises. He invited mediums to his house and two ghosts took over their bodies. Still haven’t found out what happened.

I researched ghosts and how to contact them! There are many ways to contact them!

Ouija Boards:

Ouija boards were invented in the 1800’s and used to contact “sprits” or “ghosts”. Ouija boards have letters on it and numbers! They have A-Z and 1-10! Also they have “Yes or No” on it. People us them to contact “ghosts” by putting hands lightly on a thing called a planchette. A planchette is a teardrop shaped figure that is used as a pointer for the “ghosts” to spell out what they are going to say. People are suppose to ask them questions or ask them to say stuff about something.
Ouija boards are now being sold as a game. Many people advise the use of ouija boards because they can be very dangerous! Its very dangerous cause you can end up contacting a bad ghost or otherwise known as a “demon”. They open a door way to the “other side”. So don’t use them!


A medium is a person that can contact spirits. There are two types of mediums “Physical mediums” and “ Mental mediums”. They are used to contact ghosts. They both use different methods.
A physical medium is just like a magician. Most of them preformed in front of big crowds and on stage. In there preformance they would say a ghost was near and have things start appearing. They might of also had this green ooze stuff come from things, the green ooze is suppose to be a simble of a ghost. They basically just did tricks. Many of them turned out to be frauds. So many people quit watching their performances.
Mental mediums were very different from physical mediums. They were more reliable and people believed them more. They didn’t do tricks such as make things appear. They used their voices and asked ghosts questions. They did “not” perform on a stage and did “not” have big addiences. They did it in a privite room and with groups of 1-5 people. They all sat in a circle and called out to ghosts.

Radio buzzes with ghost talk:

Would record ghosts is what it was used for! Most of it was fraud though. Most people used it for scaring people and them selves. But some believed that the ghost sounds were real. Used sometimes in shows now and when people go ghost hunting!


Erasers are cool
It's amazing what they do
No need for perfection

Colors are awesome
boring objects shine anew
dull things in the past

Up high in the sky
the American flag flies
Colors red, white, and blue

Like The Wind

Life is very short
It is like the blowing wind
It takes you away
Before you are done
Well you only live life once
So live it happy
Live it to the full
Don't fill it with sad, angry
Or any other
Terrible feelings
Meet all of your life long goals
And take hold of all
That you want to do in life

BC Summary

In The Long Walk by Stephen King Garraty Raymond gets chosen for a sport/triathlon type of thing. It is called The Long Walk. In the Long Walk you have to walk at least 4mph or you get a warning. If you Get 4 warnings you get a ticket. If you are wondering what a ticket means then I will tell you. It means a soldier shoots you and you die. The only way you can win the walk is by either being the last one walking or going from Maine to Florida. That is nearly impossible. In this book it gets intense, gross, and funny. Join Garraty in his adventure in The Long Walk.


By: Cole Greenstreet

Many people believe that UFO’s are real and some do not. Could there be other people than just us on Earth?


There have been thousands of UFO sightings throughout history. One of these strange and mysterious sightings happened on December 29, 1980. 51-year-old restaurant owner Betty Cash was driving down a deserted road towards Dayton, Texas with her 57-year-old employee Vickie Landrum and Vickie’s 7-year-old grandson Colby. Colby noticed a brightly lit up object in the night sky. When the object came closer to the car they saw fire coming out the bottom like a rocket would. Betty stopped the car and all of them watched the mysterious object. The object was made of metal and had blue lights all over it. Colby then got scared and went back in the car and Vickie followed. Betty stayed outside the car for another ten minutes and then got back in. The car was getting very hot inside and nobody could stand the heat any longer. They turned on the car’s air conditioner. Then the object flew away. On the car ride home nobody felt very good and Vickie and Colby were feeling nauseous and were badly sunburned. By the next morning all of them were vomiting and were terribly sick. Betty’s eyes were swollen shut. The doctors figured that the symptoms could have been caused by radiation sickness. I only believe part of this story. I don’t think there was a real UFO. There could have been a UFO because they did suffer from all these symptoms and it could have been caused by the UFO or something else.

Fact: According to a Roper poll conducted in 2002 for the Sci-Fi Channel, one in seven Americans say they or someone they know has had an experience involving a UFO.

The Roswell Incident

The Roswell Incident is probably is one of the most famous and most controversial UFO incidents ever. It took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 on July 2nd. There was a violent thunderstorm and the rancher Max Brazel heard a loud crash near his home that night. The next day in his fields Brazel discovered hundreds of small pieces of strange material that was extremely lightweight and yet could not be bent, cut, or burned. He thought it came from an experimental military aircraft since he lived near a military airfield. He called the sheriff and the sheriff had some military officers come and study it. A lot of people think it was not from Earth. I think it was something in the sky that crashed; otherwise I have no idea what it was.

True Mystery or Hoax?

Some say UFO’s are a real and a true mystery that can be solved. Some think UFO’s are just a hoax. Some people like to trick others by making fake UFO’s. They do this by taking a picture of a model spaceship that they made, so it looks like it is floating in the sky. People can also make fake rows of lights. They can also just keep the camera out of focus, or put a drop of developer on a negative. Some hoaxers are quite skilled at what they do. I think UFO’s are a hoax but they could be real, but I believe more strongly about them being a hoax. After all the facts I read in the book about how people can make a hoax, it made me believe that UFO’s are just a hoax.

After reading how easy it is to make a hoax it made me believe that UFO’s are not real. But, there are some parts to the UFO controversy like how people suffered all those symptoms that could have been from radiation sickness but who knows? But still some people believe that there are not just us on Earth.