Friday, April 23, 2010


ROTFL- rolling on the floor laughing
GTG- got to go
IDK- I dont know
IK- I know
BRB- be right back
IDC- I dont care
ILY- I love you
<3- Heart/ love
(:- smile face/ happy
):- Frowny face/ sad
DYH- did you hear
LOL- Laughting out loud
2GTBT- to good to be true
LYL- love you lots
TT4N- ta ta for now
TTYL- talk to you later
CYa- see you
CYaL8er- see you later
<3?- do you like me
HBU- how about you
WBU- what about you
C- see
U- you
L8er- later
?- what
UR- your
Wht- What
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