Friday, April 23, 2010

Baseball and Softball are Out

Have you heard? They are officially taking baseball and softball out of the Olympics! Can you believe this? I can't!I can't give you very much info on why softball should stay, because I don't watch Olympic softball, but I do watch some Olympic baseball, and it is ridiculous why they took it out of the Olympics.

Baseball is a favorite sport of America, China, Japan, The Diminican Republic, and many more countries! It can't be because of not enough teams! Also, it can't be enough fans. Millions of Americans watch baseball, and I don't know about other countries, but I'm sure the people from the countries I listed watch a lot. If I'm wrong, the many other sports in the Olympics should be taken out too! It also can't be from not enough compitition. All of those countries I listed are fierce rivals! All of them have a great chance at winning. So why are they taking out baseball?
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