Friday, April 23, 2010

The Kite and the Key

You have probably heard of the story about Ben Franklin and how he caught electricity with a kite and a key. Well the story started like this oh wait sorry my name is Jim and I am your narrator for today. So back the story.

It all started on an ordinary school day. Thomas lived four houses down the right and across the street from a rick man named Benjamin Franklin. Thomas lived in a middle class house and has the of a professor at PUFTFI which stood for Philadelphia University For The Future Inventors.Thomas really hated that there was only candles to light up his house.

One day during a lesson his favorite student Thomas E. gave him an idea of somehow catching the brightness of lightning. But all he came up with was that lightning is attracted to medal.Finally at around midnight that night he went home.The next morning the idea hit him "What if i flew a kite with a medal frame and a medal wire during a lightning storm and at the end put a key and catch the power in a glass bottle" said Thomas very excited.

He got to work very early that morning and when he got there he wrote down his idea on a piece of parchment and stuffed it in his pocket. The school day went by very slowly and then it was finally time to go. On his way home he tripped and sliced his knee open so he quickly ran home and cleaned t up. He was done bandaging his knee to find that his blue prints for his project was gone. "It must of fallen out when I tripped. He searched all evening but no luck.

Over at the Franklins he was scanning the piecing of parchment he fund in the street. Lucky for Ben there was a huge lightning storm tat night but Thomas still had the idea in his head. On his way to the tallest hill in town to find Benjamin Franklin soaking wet flying a kite with a key. Horror struck Thomas sat there and watched Mr.Franklin catch a crackling stream of power into a glass bottle. The next day there was a huge celebration for Ben and he was twice more rich than he already was. After a while Thomas grew old and died but one weird thing was that Ben too his job and someone told him that Thomas .E and Ben spent an awful lot of time together.

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