Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Bermuda Triangle

My name is Brett Shaw and I will be taking you into the unsolved mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Flight 19
There are many strange tales about the Bermuda Triangle. This one was about Flight 19. A test run flight, that left from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, went out over the sea into an area now known as the Bermuda Triangle with the plane in ship shape. His compass went wacko and later the plane exploded in the air. This occurred in 1945. This, and hundreds of other stories of the Bermuda Triangle are unsolved. One theory was a simple gas leak, but others include UFO’s! What’s true? Who knows?

Magnetic Energy
In the story of Flight 19, I told you that the pilot’s compass was not working. Well, this has happened to many, many people who have entered the Bermuda Triangle. In fact on December 4, 1970, Bruce Gernon, Jr., set flight to Florida from the Bahamas. He came across a cigar shaped cloud with some sort of tunnel in the middle. He tried to dodge it, but he couldn’t. Then his plane suddenly zipped through the cloud at amazing speed, unexpectedly. When he came out, his compasses were spinning wildly. With this and other information, including Christopher Columbus, scientists have come to a theory that the Bermuda Triangle gives off magnetic energy.

Vile Vortices (12 Devils Graveyards)
Ivan Sanderson proposed the Vile Vortices theory in the late 1960’s. The theory was that 12 areas in the ocean, all equal distances from each other and from the equator, are the 12 areas where the most airplane and boat disappearances have been. One of which is the Bermuda Triangle. This is theorized to be caused by gravitational pull, revolution of the earth, jet stream, or something else caused by extreme atmosphere and maritime conditions.

Time Warms and Other Dimensions
Now this is one of the stranger theories. It states that there are doors to other dimensions for brief periods of time in the world. Many of which are in the Bermuda Triangle. This explains why some people don’t disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. Some of the dimensions have time warps where time moves faster or slower.
Here is a story that goes along with this theory. It is about a aircraft carrier named Star Tiger. Star Tiger went missing, and five days later their radio call came in saying that they are going down, came in.

Some people connect the city of Atlantis to the Bermuda Triangle. Edgar Cayee theorized that the giant island of Atlantis that sank many, many years ago, is giving off energy, and that the energy is causing the disappearances. Cayee thinks that the Atlanteans are living under the water, plucking out samples from the over sea life. This would explain the many disappearances.
Around 1968, there were a large amount of ruins, located very close to the Bermuda Triangle, discovered. This got many people to believe in this wild theory. Some state it more scientifically. They say that a great source of poverty is what caused Atlantis to disappear into the ocean. It also states the remains of the power source are causing the disappearances.

Documented Disappearances
Perhaps the most famous of them was the disappearance of Flight 19 in 1945. Here are some of the other disappearances.

1947: Army C-45 Superfort vanishes 100 miles off Bermuda.

1948: Four-engined Tudor IV lost with 31 lives.

1948: DC-3 lost with 32 passengers and crew.

1949: Second Tudor IV vanishes.

1950: Giant US Air Force Globemaster lost.

1950: American freighter, SS Sandra, 350 ft long, sinks without trace.

1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 aboard.

1954: US Navy Lockheed Constellation vanishes with 42 aboard.

1956: US Navy seaplane, Martin P5M, disappears with crew of ten.

1962: US Air Force KB-50 tanker plane lost.

1963: Marine Sulphur Queen, 425-ft-long American freighter, vanishes with entire crew. No Mayday signals and no wreckage ever found. Two US Air Force giant stratotankers disappear on simple exercise. C-132 Cargomaster also vanishes.

1967: Military YC-122, converted to cargo plane, lost.

1970: French freighter Milton Iatrides disappears.

1972: German freighter Anita, 20,000 tons, lost with crew of 32.


The Bermuda Triangle
By: Nathan Aaseng
Copyright: 2001

The Bermuda Triangle
By: Brian Innes
Copyright: 1999

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thousands of years ago a massive stone monument was built just out of Great Brittan know as Stonehenge. Made of many massive stones. No one knows why or how it was built.

The people who built Stonehenge had to go over 240 miles to Whales to get the stones for it. They had to get several tons of Blue Marble stones back. Some Scholars believe the stones were carried back using log rollers under the stones. No one is sirrton how the stones got into place, standing up.

There are many theories to how Stonehenge was built one us that it was built by sun worshipers because it's lined up with the Summer Solstice. In a way that most scholars believe sun worshipers did back in those times. Another theory is that it was the first computer or calender ever invented because it lets one know when the start of a new year is because of the way its lined up with the Summer Solstice.Another there is that a group of high prests built it for ceremonies and ritualistic sacrifices. Archaeologist are exgovating some arias of Stonehenge for evidace of sacrifices.

Archaeologist are studying Stonehenge and may someday find out why it was built and who built it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Butter-Fingers :-)

     If I had a million dollars,I'd buy all the Butter-finger factories in the world so I could taste the peanut-butter and chocolate separately from each other. Say you have a Snickers? For example did you think I wonder what the chocolate tastes like without the peanuts??? I have! That's why I'd own all the Butter-Finger factories in the world because Butter-Fingers are the best candy-bars in the world. 
     This is how to make Butter-Fingers. First take Hersheys best chocolate, mix it with Reeses best peanut-butter and make it crunchy. That's a Butter-Finger! So after that you probably want to race to your nearest Caseys and buy all the Butter-Fingers they have. But you can't (even though they are very popular) because I'm not finished with you until the cows come home.
     So next time you see a king-sized Hersheys and a Butter-Finger dangling of the side of a cliff GRAB THE BUTTER-FINGER!!! But if you are allergic to peanut-butter it's okay but hey they're a lot better than those Almond-Joy (Icky) every time I say that my mouth goes numb.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dogs Are the Best Pets Ever!

Do you know how many ways dogs can help humans? That's why I think dogs are the bests ever.
Dogs are great because they will wake you up in the morning witch is helpful if your late or in danger from a fire or a burglury. sometimes my dogs bark when someones coming to the do witch is also helpful if your expecting company. These are a few of many reasons why dogs are the best pets ever.

Another reason is that dogs always wan to play.For example sometimes my dogs will wan to play outside even when it's below 0 degrees. They'll also play with whatever toy you give them. plus try and get your attention no matter what your doing like if your on the phone or cooking.

Plus dogs love being petted and being with people. For example one of my dogs expects to be pet when ever I walk by her. My dogs also follow me were ever I go. Another example is that my dogs always lick me when I sit next to them.

My last reason why dogs are the best pets ever is that they can be trained to do things from fetch and play dead to save peoples lives in fires to help blind people get around. Without dogs some people may not be abole to get around. Plus some people have made a career out of training dogs and winning contests.

These are just a few reasons why dogs are the best pets . It's hard to imagine a world with out without dogs.