Friday, April 23, 2010


When you get an A+ you feel happy and joyful for the rest of the day. Other kids who get A+ all the time don't get to feel that joy but there parents encourage them to keep up the good work.

September 9th, 2009 9/9/09

When I see you my heart stops beating, it feels like it's going to break in half. The only thing that's is holding it together are couple threads of happiness, and good memories that we had. But I don't know what to think of you now. . . you, and your blond hair and blue eyes. You changed in 6th grade, it wasn't like 5th grade because you changed. No more saying "I love you" no more. . .nothing.
Because you left me alone, and you didn't care about me or anyone anymore. You use to be nice, loving, sweet, kind, and funny. you loved me, but that all changed in 6th grade. you looked at me in 6th grade and you didn't smile like you did in 5th grade. Months passed and still no word from you. Then one day I spoke.
"Why did you leave me?" and these were the last words you ever said to me.
"I don't know" all in 6th grade.
- Things are going to change in your life, but you need to take a step forward and take a change to be prepared at life.


Everyone thinks that they have nice and good friends, but they just might not, friends are the type of people that give you shoulder to cry on, friends are supportive of you, friends DON'T laugh with you they laugh at you! That's a friend in my opinion!

Hungry Horizon

Sunlight light shines bright.
As well does the soaring kite.
The sunlight is finally dieing.
As the plane is also lying.
The yellow and orange sunlight starting to get eatin by the hungry horizon lining.
The lights finally start to get dim when they flicker out.

My Black Belt Essay

Tae kwon do

Over the past four years I have learned a lot of things from my experience in Tae Kwon Do. It has helped me learn right from wrong. It has also helped my focus and this has helped me raise and keep my grades up in school to where I have no B’s or C’s on my report card. It has made a huge improvement on my behavior at home. Since I have been doing Tae Kwon Do, my sister and I don’t get in as many fights as we used to. I am very proud of my decision to join Tae Kwon Do.

I started Tae Kwon Do in the AIM HIGH program. There I learned the basics, including things like self control, goal setting, indomitable spirit and some other things. These are the things I think about when something happens and I want to get angry. When I remember those things it will usually calm me down and not lead me to bad behavior. That is also how I have been successful in keeping my grades up and paying attention more in school to what the teacher is saying to me and the rest of the class. Based on these basic things, I have been able to change my actions at home and at friends’ houses. They now usually want or have asked me to come over again, so I can do some other things there as well.

During those four years I have really enjoyed the instructors because they are really nice and they always know what moves are the right ones for me. The instructors that I have had in the past include Master Farrell, Mr. Beyer, Mr. Shepek, Master Miller, and some of the most recent instructors are Mr. Bishop and Mr. Minor. There are still more instructors that I have not mentioned but the ones that I mentioned are the first that came to my mind.

During my second or third year, my younger cousin came to watch me at Tae Kwon Do and decided to start going to Tae Kwon Do in Sioux City, Iowa. One day when I went to watch him do his Tae Kwon Do stuff and while I was sitting there watching, I noticed that they had some of the same things that Farrell‘s had but with different names. For example, instead of a 360 roundhouse kick, they called it a tornado roundhouse kick. I thought that was kind of funny. I think that he will really enjoy Tae Kwon Do just like I do.

Also in the AIM HIGH program I learned about healthy food choices and how they can really affect your everyday life. Because of that, my dad and I have limited pop to only once a month, besides on our birthday month and then we are allowed to have two pops and only two pops. Now since my dad and I have been doing that I can guarantee that we are a lot healthier than what we used to be when we could have as many pops as we wanted.

The last thing I wanted to mention is what I learned AIM HIGH stands for. The A for Attitude, the I for In, and the M for Motion, the H for Having, I for Integrity, the G for Goals, the H for Humility. All together that would be Attitude In Motion, Having Integrity, Goals and Humility.

Farrell’s has made some really positive changes, not just in my life, but in a lot of other people’s lives as well. Thank you Farrells for what you have done for me and many others as well. Once again, thank you!


Pick a book,
but only one.
You can read another.
Only when your done.

Books five knowledge.
Knowledge they supply.
If there weren't any books,
I think I would die.

Like A Moter.

Bright lights shine from the window.
Ice breezes fly threw the night.
Pink covers cover my neck.
As well does the fur of my cat purring like a moter.
A black shield then covers my eyes
and I appear in a colorful sky!

Grandpa's Garden

Every year it tries to grow,
Only to fail and grow old.
The stems go limp
and tears they cry,
but still every year, they will try.

My Empathy Paper

Empathy Paper

For my empathy project, I went to the Lutheran Church of Hope and packaged meals for the people in Haiti. What I learned from the experience is that what they are getting compared to what we get at our houses, was amazing.

The project started when we arrived and got signed in. Next we had to watch a video on what to do and how to do it. We were assigned to a table and worked with another family. We all had fun packaging meals. Everything that went into the meals was dry. To package the meals, we had to put some dried vegetables; some protein, which I think was soy; vitamin powder; and, some rice in a bag. Then we had to weigh it to a certain weight. After that we had to seal it tight on a heat strip. The sealed bag was put on these squares and then after we had two bags on each square we could start putting the bags into the box. The last things were to tape the box shut with a tape gun and then put it with a bunch of other completed boxes. I think all together Lutheran Church of Hope packaged 2.5 million meals. But our group packaged 3024 meals in all.

We did this because many people lost their homes, and family members because of the horrifying earthquake. They need food. What I thought was amazing is what we get compared to what they get in Haiti. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you had to just add water to all the stuff that we put into the meals? So think about what you get, stuff like hamburgers, ice cream, steaks, and pork chops.

I still had a lot of fun packaging meals, and we also got to meet some new people while doing it to that was a good thing.


Life is valuable.
Live your life to the fullest.
Death always follows.


When you are grateful you don't ask 'why does he/she get that and I get this?' when you are grateful you say 'mom/dad do you need any help with that?' and even if they say no you jump up and help him/her. when you are grateful you don't ask 'can I have that instead of this?' When you are grateful you kiss your parents and siblings every night before bed. When you are grateful you don't sit o the couch all day while your parents clean you get up and say 'mom and dad you have done enough for the day it's time you sit and time I clean.' When you are grateful you run to a stranger that is crying and you try to think r yourself in their shoes, you help them you don't leave them to sit and cry. That is what gratefulness is to me!


I have been chosen,
For a job I do not want.
But with work, comes pay.


Pepper is a horse I will get for A+'s and A's.
She is a pure black 20 year old mare.
She likes to run and nothing else.
A horse trainer I know said its like someone has her in over drive.

The Kite and the Key

You have probably heard of the story about Ben Franklin and how he caught electricity with a kite and a key. Well the story started like this oh wait sorry my name is Jim and I am your narrator for today. So back the story.

It all started on an ordinary school day. Thomas lived four houses down the right and across the street from a rick man named Benjamin Franklin. Thomas lived in a middle class house and has the of a professor at PUFTFI which stood for Philadelphia University For The Future Inventors.Thomas really hated that there was only candles to light up his house.

One day during a lesson his favorite student Thomas E. gave him an idea of somehow catching the brightness of lightning. But all he came up with was that lightning is attracted to medal.Finally at around midnight that night he went home.The next morning the idea hit him "What if i flew a kite with a medal frame and a medal wire during a lightning storm and at the end put a key and catch the power in a glass bottle" said Thomas very excited.

He got to work very early that morning and when he got there he wrote down his idea on a piece of parchment and stuffed it in his pocket. The school day went by very slowly and then it was finally time to go. On his way home he tripped and sliced his knee open so he quickly ran home and cleaned t up. He was done bandaging his knee to find that his blue prints for his project was gone. "It must of fallen out when I tripped. He searched all evening but no luck.

Over at the Franklins he was scanning the piecing of parchment he fund in the street. Lucky for Ben there was a huge lightning storm tat night but Thomas still had the idea in his head. On his way to the tallest hill in town to find Benjamin Franklin soaking wet flying a kite with a key. Horror struck Thomas sat there and watched Mr.Franklin catch a crackling stream of power into a glass bottle. The next day there was a huge celebration for Ben and he was twice more rich than he already was. After a while Thomas grew old and died but one weird thing was that Ben too his job and someone told him that Thomas .E and Ben spent an awful lot of time together.

Top Ten Things I like

10. Fudruckers cheeseburgers
9. Bulldogs (the dog)
8. Syracuse Orange (wesly Johnson)
7. Larry the cable guy =)
6. Oklahoma Sooners
5. Movie: Stepbrothers
4.Movie: Public Enemies
3.2010 Lamborghini Gallarodo Spyder Supercharge
2.Yamaha Raptor 350 (Sport atv)
1. 2010 Chevy Camaro ss


Being bored
On school days
Really happen

Thunder Storm

The lighting flashes,
Thunder booms in the distance,
and the rain pours down


with out fear there's no courage. With out courage there's faith and with out faith your just an open target ready to crack. there's many thing to fear in the world but with out conquering them you'll will die. some people in the world die from there fears but the only thing to fear is fear its self. way did god make people have fear? I do not know but he may be trying to tell use something. my be its that you'll never accomplish any thing if you keep running away from what you fear the most.
some times people can't go to sleep just because something happened to them that will not go away and that will haunt them forever. everybody in the world fears something and if you say you do not thank again. even the biggest or strongest or even your a dare devil you all fear something so don't hide it ,your not the only one.

Words that i picture in my head

  • Sports
  • bravo
  • Handy Manny\ Hannah Montana
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Dora
  • Track
  • Softball
  • Bruce Lee
  • Chuck Norris sushi
  • Captain crunch sushi
  • Waterfront resteraunt


It is my 16th birthday. I'm going to have the worlds coolest party!!!!! I'm REALLY popular at school and everybody likes me. For my party I am inviting 117 people.

(2 days later) " Hey Sam! Hey Ivy! Hey..."
I couldn't believe my eyes. The guy of my dreams was at MY party! I ran to my best friend Ivy.

"HE CAME!!!!" I screeched.
"Oh my gosh! Really?"
"Well what?"

Chuck Norris Jokes

#1 Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra and after five days of excruciating pain... the cobra died.

#5 The easiest way to determine Chuck Norris's age is to cut him in half and count the rings.

#7 Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee never actually fought off screen if they had the world would be imploded and we would all have been vaporized.

#8 Chuck Norris died ten years but the grim reaper is afraid to tell him.

#10 Chuck Norris tamed the first dinosaur.

#11 Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light not because he is afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.

Grocery List

Cookies ~ We have to get some sort of sweets! Also, nobody absolutely HATES cookies. So why not get some?!

Milk ~ Everybody needs calcium. Even though milk isn't our favorite thing, we still have to have it! But don't get the milk that tastes sour. That is just plain gross! So get the good kind.

Carrots ~ Carrots are always good for you! Did you know they are good for your eye site? So then lets get some! Also, lets get some ranch dressing to dip it in too.


Laugh a lot!
Eat snacks!
Please don't leave yet!
Overly hyper!
Very tired but worth it!
Everybody excited!
Reason to watch FIVE movies!
The colors
the colors
red, white and blue.
Such simple
what do they mean
to you?


Cherish every breath.
As the next might be your last.
With life will come death.


Communications is okay. It isn't the worst selective i have taken, and it isn't the best! We have been on the computers for a long time now. I think in May we get use our cell phones, but I'm not quite sure. My teacher, Mrs. Moyle is really nice. I wished she didn't change her name when she got married because I have called her by her original name she used to have. We got to send three emails, one to a friend, parent, and teacher, in paper air plane form around the room!!! This class is okay so far. :-)

3 Ways to Get Rid of the Hiccups

1.Hold your breath
2.Drink some water
3.Let them pass

No restriction ( Sam, Cole, Antony,and Jason)

We beleive that we shouldnt have any restrictions on our clothing because we see it everywhere else and we should be able to express our selves. I think it should be our choice if we wanna sag we should be able to if we wanna wear shorts that shorts that dont go to our fingertips it should be our choice! Post a comment if you agree.


My pencil is on
this paper trying to figure
out what to write.
But random things
keep coming out
and it will never stop.
I like jelly filled donuts
and tacos too!
What nail polish should I pick
Hot pink or Electric blue?
Omg did you hear what happened
to Sam?
Poor thing!?!
Great I got a F today!!!!
Oh no my lead is running out.
I should spare my last few word.

I'll get back to you later
if I can ever find some lead.......

What sport? x3

I grip the bat harder as the huge ball come flying toward me. I swing. Strike 1. I swing again. Strike 2 . What am I doing? I think. I swing for the last time. Home run.

Trying to escape

Trying to escape

I'm trying to escape this horrible dream
I'm running but stopping
I'm swimming but drowning
I'm jumping up and falling down
nothing is right
I am trying
to escape this horrible
horrible dream

What sport? x2

I'm breathing hard. My lungs on fire. I see the ball fly towards my and I catch it. I tuck it in my arm and I run as fast as I can towards the In-zone. I doge 3 people and finally make it to the black and gold colored area. I stop and drop the ball on the floor. Championships here we come.
  1. Go to Paris
  2. Puke on a ride
  3. Surf
  4. Go to Vegas!
  5. Fly an airplane
  6. Win Americas Funniest Home Videos
  7. Go to the Super Bowl
  8. Be the president
  9. Skydive
  10. Make a movie
  11. Invent something
  12. Win the lottery
  13. Drive an expensive car
  14. Die in my sleep, it would be the best way to go

I'm a Fast Talker

Heyi'mafasttalkerIliketotalkfastandIhateperiodssoeventuallythiswillsoundlikegibberishbutonlymyfasttalkingbrotherswillunderstandwhatIamsayingbutthequestionis Can You?


In soccer there are two teams. Each team has one goalie, three full-backs, two mid-fielders, one striker, and one sweeper.

The goalie is one of the most important player because they block the ball from getting into the goal. The goalie is the only person who can touch the ball with there hands, but they can only pick it up if the ball is inside the goalie box. If they touched the ball outside of the box, it would be a handball and would be a free kick for the other team.

Now lets talk about the full-backs. They try to take the ball away from the attacking offense and feed the ball up to their own offense. There are three positions, right, left, and center. The right and left cover the sides of the field and the center defends the center of the field and can help the sides if they are in trouble.

The sweeper gets the ball from the defense and passes it up to the striker or the mid-fielders.

The strikers job it to push up as far as the other teams defense will let him without going off-sides. When the Striker goes up as far as they can, he passes it to one of the mid-fielders. Or if the defense are back far enough he can go up farther and take a shot on the goal.

Now I'll talk about plays. A throw-in is when a player kicks the ball out-of-bounds, and the other team gets to throw the ball in down the side-lines to one of their team-mates. A goal kick is when a player on the other team kicks the ball out on the end lines. It is usually the goalie who kicks it in, but another defender can kick it if they want to. A corner kick is when the other team kicks it out on the sides close to the end lines.

Lastly I'm going to talk about off-sides. This happens when you dribble the ball past the last defender. To avoid this, all you have to do is pass it to one of your team-mates who is behind the last defender.

Baseball and Softball are Out

Have you heard? They are officially taking baseball and softball out of the Olympics! Can you believe this? I can't!I can't give you very much info on why softball should stay, because I don't watch Olympic softball, but I do watch some Olympic baseball, and it is ridiculous why they took it out of the Olympics.

Baseball is a favorite sport of America, China, Japan, The Diminican Republic, and many more countries! It can't be because of not enough teams! Also, it can't be enough fans. Millions of Americans watch baseball, and I don't know about other countries, but I'm sure the people from the countries I listed watch a lot. If I'm wrong, the many other sports in the Olympics should be taken out too! It also can't be from not enough compitition. All of those countries I listed are fierce rivals! All of them have a great chance at winning. So why are they taking out baseball?

What sport?

I looked up at the rim. Sweat gliding down my face. I bounce the ball twice, now three times. I put my arms up and throw the ball. 3-2-1-BUZZ. It goes in without touching the rim. My teammates come and topple on top of me. The crowd's beaming screams pounding in my ears. The guy with the microphone comes and hand me a giant, gold trophy and my teammates lift me up on to their shoulders. I walk out a CHAMPION.

Page 20

Page 20 is weird. Not old enough to drink moderately but old enough to drive. Not old enough to get married but old enough to date. Not old enough to get a high paid job but old enough to get a small almost unpaid job. Not old enough to go to hit the clubs but old enough to hit the mall. Page 20 is weird. I don't like it at all. Check Spelling

opinions on propaganda

I think that bribing/propaganda in school is good and not good. Why part of me thinks it is not good is because if you don't have common sense and got paid for finishing a book in grade school you might go up to your boss and say " Hay I finished this book now pay me."

But the good things/advantages to getting rewarded in school is that you will learn to work hard for rewards or in real life a paycheck. So like I said my vote could go either way. Although in a way the school already gives you a reward for hard work by giving you good grades and getting into advanced classes. I feel now that I wrote this I am leaning towards not giving money in school.

What Did I DO

Why me? People are calling me names were they are showing it more than me, I have a kid hold my book and he losses it, I get the computer that is glitched/ cracked and it's the last one, and a teacher mistakes me for cussing when I didn't come close. I guess I can't have all good things. Like I got the movie Avatar on DVD (BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!), I get to have a sleepover with someone who loves the movie as much as me, my grades are all A's, my foot is heeling quickly (I can actualy WALK!!!), and my teeth re shiny white not ugly yellow. PICKLE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Days!

Sun tan!
Unique ways to have fun!
Many late nights to come!
Mostly everyone is out of school!
Every kid outside!
Rivers and pools to jump into!

Doing many things outside!
All the time its hot!!
Young kids getting ready for school, while the older kids don't care.
So many days, why does it have to end?

Tom Sawyer Acrostic


What is art?
A delightful creation of work?
A misshapen that turned out to be history?
It can tell a story or tells you a secret.
Or is even a hidden message.
Colorful or Dark?
Bright or plain?
It doesn't matter.
Art is a unique creation just like us

Why I don't like my parents

They make me mad at every minute of my life even when they buy me something because what I really want in my life. Also if it goes on the Internet they put every little safety filter they have on the stupid device. For example my iPod touch (F.Y.I, they didnt buy it for me[typical]) they blocked the app store, Safari, youtube iTunes, explicit songs and every other feature they have on it. How stupid is that? "My parents" stupid.


why is school so long? We almost spend more time at school than we do at home. I understand that we need school to learn but why so long and so early. we spend 8 hours at school then sometimes we have 1 hour of home work. Is 8 hours not long enough? the only time we have to do something fun is on weekends and breaks. We don't need 9 hours of work to be smart.

That girl makes me mad
acting all sad
she knows what she did
why act so surprised
all she says are lies
not a surprise
that little brat
a little twit
having a fit
why a lie just to get by
just to get by
to make me mad
to make me cry
why did she do this
so mean like a devil
that red head
with makeup all over her face
is she jealous
I beat her in the the mile race
why did she spread this rumor around
now all I feel
is blue and
quite down

A New View

All of the sudden I was swept off the desk and thrown on the ground by the shredder. There was no way he was going to shred me, I know more about him than he knows about himself, I even know what his foot and hand print is. Well I guess I just have to get over it or I would die, I had to find a chance to run or at least to hide. There it was, he opened the door, this might be my one and only chance to live. I got up and ran over to the scissors on the ground, cut myself into a ninja, got a marker and colored myself black. Now it was time to move, I ran over to the door and slipped into the hallway. I ran as fast as I could and got to the next room safely, now I have to think about getting down the stairs. Well I guess I have to try and jump, but then I got another idea when a breeze on my back blew me into the hallway. I'm flying and surviving the stairs. Now that I was down on the main floor I had to get outside, he had to open the door because it was way to heavy.........

Game Tonight

Tonight I have baseball game at 8pm. It's kind of late for a school night.I wonder how it will go. I am really excited. I am glad the season started. We won our first game by 1 run.

We play the Dowling MAC. They are a new team this year. Some of the kids from a team called the Westside Stars are on this team, and the rest I don't know who.

I know I'm not pitching because I pitched in the first game. It's OK. I just want to work on my hitting before the tournament this weekend. I am ready physically and mentally. I wonder what the outcome will be.

P.S. I wrote this Tuesday night before my game.

Tough life

I've got a tough life,
I always get hit and thrown,
Nobody cares about me.

I remember the day i first got hit,
It was good until that day,
the day they hit me over the fence and forgot.

The home run was great,
until they forgot me,
Nobody cares about me.


ROTFL- rolling on the floor laughing
GTG- got to go
IDK- I dont know
IK- I know
BRB- be right back
IDC- I dont care
ILY- I love you
<3- Heart/ love
(:- smile face/ happy
):- Frowny face/ sad
DYH- did you hear
LOL- Laughting out loud
2GTBT- to good to be true
LYL- love you lots
TT4N- ta ta for now
TTYL- talk to you later
CYa- see you
CYaL8er- see you later
<3?- do you like me
HBU- how about you
WBU- what about you
C- see
U- you
L8er- later
?- what
UR- your
Wht- What

Dull April!

April....... why does it have to be so dull?
Always gray skies and always raining.
Dull dull dull... YUCK!
But people always say once April is gone it always gets nice out!
Some people say April showers bring May flowers.
Hey, you know what.... that story is so true!

15 things I want to do before I'm 15

  1. Get straight A's on a report card
  2. Get contacts
  3. See all my friends from Cedar Rapids
  4. Get braces
  5. Get braces off
  6. Get the 4G phone from Sprint
  7. Get over my stage fright
  8. Stay up 48 hours
  9. Get my mom close to getting a pet
  10. Have a friend now
  11. Go to New York
  12. Have a different hair color
  13. Read the Brothers Grimm
  14. Cook something without burning down the house
  15. Go to California


The fragile petals
sway in the wind
soft and smooth,
unlike metals
Pink, orange, purple, blue,
all different, like
me and you.
Clouds give a precious drop,
the help and guidance,
making the flowers pop!


Kids are getting money for reading and other rewards for doing good things.
I think that if kids keep getting rewards for doing something good they will always want something and when they don't get something they won't do what they are supposed to or they will just quit. On the other hand it does help them act well and do what they are supposed to. I think that kids should be given prizes but they should stop by fifth grade. Another opinion I have is that teachers or parents shouldn't just give prizes to certain kids they should give it to everybody or nobody.


Bribes are great, but later its hate.
Propaganda is bribe, and destroys your vibe.

Life Speed

It goes fast sometimes
And sometimes slow
Too bad that the great times go fast
And the bad times go slow
So enjoy the fast times
And make the slow times faster
You only live life once
Live it fast


Oh nature, Oh nature,
so beautiful and sound,
never make things difficult,
or turns thing around.

Except for on your bad days,
when your angry or depressed.
Ever towns person terrified,
and wanting you to be at rest.

You give us the birds
and the sweet song they sing.
You give us the rain as it goes 'pling-pling'

Oh nature, Oh nature,
I want to thank you.
for giving us everything.
Thank you. Thank you.

Spring Break

Over spring break, I went to my aunt and uncles house! They live in Minnesota! It was allot of fun!
Here is a list of all of the things we did.

-Went to Sea World!
-Make angle food cupcakes (Calvin, their dog ate three of them
and one of them had a toothpick! oops!)
-Made peanut butter cookies, and my uncle flipped the actual cookie instead of the pans! oops!
-We ate Mac and cheese! Love it!
Check out my aunts blog to see her version of our stay at her house!
I was so exited that we got to see their new house they just got a new house! I love to visit them!
To see what my aunt is up to with her house projects click here.

Ode to Hawaii

Your palm trees
attract me
to your full of sand beaches
I lay down and relax
Poipu, and Wailiea
then I jump at my chance
go and swim
the salty
the waves
in such powerful
oh I love Hawaii

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Storms, storms, out of control
People go out for tornado patrol
Pitter, patter, rain dyed from the sky
The flower buds like a secret spy
In a number of days, they reveal themselves
To some flowers, the bees are like elves!


Stuck in the ground, not free.
You deserve it, right were you should be.
As people go by, you get trampled and pushed,
Finally, someone comes along, and you are smushed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Perfect Song

Give me the beat
Melody, such a treat
Harmony, the one I need
Energy rushing through me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Why, why is the sky so blue?

Can't it be red, or yellow too?

I know why can't be as black as a crow,

Blue helps stop the hiccups, did you know?